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U.S. Morning Call: Google's Nexus 7 to launch in July

Wednesday, Apr 03, 2013 - 03:34

Apr 3 - Sources tell Reuters Google is preparing to sell a 2nd-generation Nexus 7 tablet from July.

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Boarding call for Wednesday Google offset to launching new version of its nexus seven tablet around July 2 sources telling Reuters. It helps to ship as many as eight million of the seven inch tablets in the second half of the year. Ramping up competition with Kindle fire and iPad mini. It's the nexus tablet to hit it would mean more exposure for Google ads the company gets almost all of its revenue from online advertising. Chipmaker Qualcomm also relying on the success of nexus seven Google opted to -- the video in favor Qualcomm in this version of the tablet. And you get a 199 bucks the same as the first generation rolled out last June. That's pricing that Kindle fire but way cheaper than even cheapest iPad mini. Moving -- to markets US -- -- just putting to a higher open today a couple of data points due out. Including ISM survey on the service sector and ADP's -- unemployment. A Reuters poll suggests a slight rise in hiring for march. Big time on our radar this morning starting with BP its wind power business in the US is up for sale in a deal that could bring in over one point five billion box. The mobile add to the 38 billion dollars of assets that BP has been forced to set out to pay for the fallout from the gulf oil spill. And also representing further retreat for big oil companies from renewable energy. And Chevron CEO may not be happy camper today John Watson's annual bonus will be cut by 13% to 3.5 million. Chevron says the cuts come after a series of accidents last year including fatal fire -- and fire on -- in Nigeria all under Watson's watch. Hungry for earnings we've got ConAgra and Monsanto could do before the opening for ConAgra this'll be the first earnings reports sealed a five billion dollar deal to buy Ralcorp. The maker of chef -- -- dean is now the top producer branded foods in the US. In the US the market will be keen to hear about it strategy surrounding private labels as well planned exit the green milling business. Grains is what Monsanto's all about it we'll see how well their drought resistant seeds have been selling. The stock hasn't had any trouble blooming it's up 12% so far this year. -- indictment previously known as Harry Winston diamond. Reports results today Wall Street will want to know acquisition plans for HP's cotton diamond mines. The company also recently completed the sale of luxury brand Harry Winston to the swatch group. Transitioning to pure diamond mining business. You wanna tweak this next story BS EC ruling that key post on FaceBook and Twitter by companies to investors. Are just as good news releases or corporate web sites. The ruling comes after Netflix CEO Reed Hastings boasted about his company -- -- stats on Twitter sending shares higher. So does the FCC's blessing really mean much well according to a survey by the conference board. 14% of companies communicate with shareholders via social media. But over three quarters and then use -- interact with customers. What active user Goldman Sachs -- tweeted back thanks to the SEC after the ruling. That's every Wednesday morning call remembered follow us on Twitter and Reuters Insider -- get work great idea at Reuters dot com slash. I was -- it's.

U.S. Morning Call: Google's Nexus 7 to launch in July

Wednesday, Apr 03, 2013 - 03:34

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