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Europe Day Ahead: Why makers trump shoppers

Thursday, Apr 04, 2013 - 02:52

April 4 - As traders wait for non-farm payrolls, economists bet German manufacturers will again look more optimistic than euro zone retailers. Meanwhile, Prada hopes the Chinese won’t stop shopping for luxury.

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Optimistic about a European recovery when it depends whether your European -- Or German manufacturer this is on the -- Friday's key political and financial events. Tomorrow's key data points like you paint two very different pictures German industrial orders -- leaping back into expansionary territory. There's -- one point 2% full cost suggesting that Europe's economic engine is still running from now. But yours and -- also confident retail sales for the -- scene diving by one point 8% hoffa's bat again as the months before. Today's big data point comes later in the US of course traders on both sides of the Atlantic waiting to see if nonfarm payroll numbers. Have to evidence for US recovery. Economists polled by Reuters predict a gain of 200000 jobs that would be down from 236000. -- last month. But enough to suggest that some resilience. In the US economy currency war is very much back on the agenda today after the bank of Japan's prized markets with a big -- of you QE. Nationalist -- I'm Dan says market should see that as a sign of things to come to Europe and the US. Europe and United States have only been about five years into this crisis this Japan of course has been in this problem for a couple of decades. And Japan's that a decision to pursue currency weakness in my opinion. -- me is is really just a precursor for what we should expectant in Europe and the United States. I think what we need for -- fall currencies to weaken animal what direction a fashion. However is that we need to see the underlying fundamentals begin to move in these currencies as well. Italian fashion house -- post preliminary Q1 earnings in Hong Kong to -- review -- dresses. Had a strong 2012 thanks to double digit sales in Asia Pacific tomorrow with a focus will turn to dividends. And its performance -- -- slowdown in demand from Asian and Russian terrorists. As well as cold weather could hit like for like sales in the Euro region was a keep an eye out for updates from budget airline easy jet at Berlin and and Lingus. All -- to give us an update analysts looking to see if they can continue to outpace legacy carriers. Don't buy high costs in world news the -- firmly on Iran to put forth concrete measures on how it'll cut its contentious nuclear program. At Friday's talks and -- -- Britain France Germany Russia. The US and China will meet officials from Tehran. In the hope of resolving the decade old disputes Washington and its allies want Iran to ship sound its existing small -- 20% enriched material. But Iran has already ruled out direct talks with the US demanding the immediate recognition. Of its right to enrich uranium. That's gonna get invited to join us every -- time from the good stories such -- the markets and mrs.

Europe Day Ahead: Why makers trump shoppers

Thursday, Apr 04, 2013 - 02:52

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