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More bird flu cases emerge in China

Thursday, Apr 04, 2013 - 01:46

April 4 - Two more case of the new bird flu strain H7N9 have come to light in China. Paul Chapman reports.

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PLEASE NOTE: EDIT CONTAINS CONVERTED 4:3 MATERIAL The number of confirmed cases of a new bird flu strain in China has risen to at least nine. State media said another two H7N9 infections came to light on Wednesday. At least three have died. But China's Centre for Disease Control says no-one in close contact with the patients has shown any flu-like symptoms. (SOUNDBITE)(Mandarin) DIRECTOR OF THE EMERGENCY RESPONSE DEPARTMENT OF CHINA'S CENTRE FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION (CDC) FENG ZIJIAN, SAYING: "We have traced many close contacts, and they are all under extremely strict medical observation. Currently there isn't one person who came into contact with the confirmed sufferers who has shown symptoms during the quarantine period." The World Health Organisation in Manila is praising China's response to the new outbreak but says it's a worrying development. (SOUNDBITE) (English) WHO WESTERN PACIFIC REGIONAL OFFICE PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER, TIMOTHY O'LEARY, SAYING: "This is a very unique event. H7N9 had not been known previously to infect human beings. We'd seen it before only in birds. So for this virus suddenly to turn up in humans is a great cause for concern." The source of the virus and how it's transmitted are still a mystery. Other countries in the region are taking steps to stop it spreading. Taiwan is monitoring for suspected cases and screening travellers arriving at Taoyuan airport. Japan's international airports are issuing alerts to passengers travelling from China. There've been other strains of bird flu around for years. None are generally passed from human to human, a feature that appears to apply to the new strain.

More bird flu cases emerge in China

Thursday, Apr 04, 2013 - 01:46

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