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Techquity: Google's options to counter Facebook Home

Friday, Apr 05, 2013 - 02:38

Apr 5 - Facebook modifies Google's Android platform to produce its new Home app. We walk through how Google could respond. Plus, What HP's latest board changes mean.

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Cool your -- -- spending more more time in the mobile phones and Facebook's hoping its new home software will encourage them to make the social network their primary and perhaps only stop. Home access and interface for phones running Google's Android platform so pictures and stats updates from your friends show -- on top android apps there and are buried underneath. FaceBook scanning -- affected users spend more time the social network than rivals. The idea of logging on to FaceBook more easily and being more Constant Contact with friends -- ten people to install the app. Who can't be happy it is an android Facebook's offers essentially a parasite launched on top feeding on that that might have gone to Google. We both got weapons to fight back it can tweak android updates at home doesn't work so well. They phone makers and operators install Google services as a default setting -- -- found -- candidate -- -- -- better social networking tools tips. Of course the kids and assess our FaceBook and it appears plots are perhaps new arrivals will launch competitors to home and perhaps even when the battle with social networking. FaceBook shares are up another 1%. Today and I do it on down day overall. Well Lou is off nearly 2% and trading below its fifty day moving average is about 795. The best the -- -- Hewlett-Packard. The computer printer makers break up is moving ever closer with the board shakeup. Shareholder angry at companies miserable performance over the past few years watching -- acquisitions the last straw. -- two directors have resigned and the chairman Ray Lane to step down -- cleared the way for activist investor Ralph Whitworth to become chairman. This pushed other troubled companies to break up and the results have been good. And HP trades is significant discount about 25% according to breaking news analysis the value of its parts. So it shouldn't surprise anyone if HP starts to sell divisions or announce the split into multiple companies later this year. Shares down 2% today near twenty bucks. Soaring and sputtering time a look at movers soaring -- -- the online review sites of more than 4% today. Investors possibly -- who was moved to self rumors as a sign -- or face the less competition from the search giant. And -- F. 5 Networks in Eric here firm forecast second quarter earnings well below estimates. Her by US budget cuts and delaying orders in North America shares down more than 15%. That's take this Friday and everything follow us on Twitter RT RS technically. I'm -- here and this is writers.

Techquity: Google's options to counter Facebook Home

Friday, Apr 05, 2013 - 02:38

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