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Tom Cruise talks about looking good at 50

Friday, Apr 05, 2013 - 01:33

Tom Cruise turns up complete with a portable heater following his every move to cope with the chilly London weather at the premiere for his new movie ''Oblivion.'' Rollo Ross reports.

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Tom Cruise braved freezing London weather on Thursday with his own portable heater for the premiere of "Oblivion." The film follows the last two remaining humans on Earth trying to maintain the defence of water supplies from a mysterious alien species. They both can't remember their past, but when a space craft crashes, the sole survivor triggers memories and feelings within them. Cruise is looking on top form in the movie - some say as good as he looked in Top Gun. SOUNDBITE (English) Tom Cruise: "Thank you very much, thank you. You know, working... I just work and I'm an actor so I've got to train and I'm an athlete and the kind of characters and films and... just making a movie you've got to be fit and I've just trained my whole life. It's nothing special. I don't know how. I don't sleep much either, but thank you for saying that, thank you." "Oblivion" may see Tom flying around in a space craft, but how out of this world is he in reality? SOUNDBITE (English) Tom Cruise: "I think you might answer that, I don't know. To me, I feel it's yourself. I'm pretty normal, I love movies and hang out with my family and feel lucky enough to do something I love to do which is entertain audiences. Thank you very much. Thank you." "Oblivion" begins its global release from April 10th.

Tom Cruise talks about looking good at 50

Friday, Apr 05, 2013 - 01:33

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