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Admiral: U.S. could shoot down North Korean missile if needed

Tuesday, Apr 09, 2013 - 02:15

The top American naval commander in the Pacific, Admiral Samuel Locklear, tells a Senate panel the United States is ready to defend U.S. interests and allies from a North Korea missile attack if necessary. (April 9, 2012)

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I believe we have the incredible ability to defend the homeland. To defend employee to -- political home to defend our four deployed forces and defend our allies. I don't know all the time a greater attention since the end of the Korean War. That exist today between. North Korea South Korea and us would you agree that. I would agree that in my recollection I don't know a greater time do we have the capability to intercepting missiles if the north Koreans launch within the next several days. We do. Would you recommend such action. If the missile was in defense of the homeland I would certainly recommend that action. In whose defense or allies I would recommend action. My question is who would you recommend that we intercepting missiles -- -- if it is launch by North Korean government weird. They intended target. But I would not recommend that. Mean you know if you look at the U architectures that we -- vote. You know we will be able to sense and be able to understand. Pretty quickly where any launch from anywhere in the world but in this case from this particular site. Well where it would probably we're would be going in and what we need to do about it. So I'm confident that we would be able make that decision at -- defense of our allies and our homeland. In regards to. The decision making in North Korea. With their new leader what is. What differences. Do you see from his father. Our observation is that he's unpredictable. More more unpredictable. He is -- -- grandfather. Always. Figured in to there -- -- there provocation cycle an off ramp of how to get out of it. And it's not clear to me that he has thought through how to get out. And so this what makes this scenario I think the particularly challenging. We're ready for the fight when North Korea that day ever comes. We're ready.

Admiral: U.S. could shoot down North Korean missile if needed

Tuesday, Apr 09, 2013 - 02:15

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