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U.S. Day Ahead: Don't bet against the consumer - analyst

Tuesday, Apr 09, 2013 - 02:01

Apr 9 - Investors take the pulse of the economy when Family Dollar, CarMax, Constellation Brands and Bed Bath & Beyond report results. One analyst tells Insider consumer discretionary is set to do well.

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People it's the rubber meets the road for investors and the American consumer report's -- consumer companies reporting earnings which means the chances to see whether the economy is on his sound funny or not. Family Dollar CarMax and Constellation Brands are for the -- that -- and behind it reports after the close. And consumer discretionary stocks are cents need to second strongest sector for earnings growth according to the latest Thomson Reuters -- This despite the recent dismal jobs numbers. The economy is gonna continue to heal and it's one of the reasons we've been overweight discretionary all year and it's one of the best performing sectors tied in the market. -- right now on and also the consumer has just been amazingly resilient and it really hasn't paid to bet against that consumer. They seem to be able to spend more than Wall Street thinks they will regardless of what the macro headwinds are. Investors will also be scouring the latest -- minutes for any clues about when policymakers might start tapping the brakes on their massive stimulus. And staying eighty million dollars a month of bond buying which the markets to new -- The last meeting before the march jobs soccer chair Ben Bernanke that he would tighten policy anytime soon. Street agrees with the majority of the primary dealers expecting QB to continue into next year according to Reuters at all. And markets also digest the latest comments from -- -- Christine Lagarde when she speaks in New York. Her topics challenges and risks to the global economy. On any remarks about science and currency war history feeling great bank of Japan's one point four billion dollar stimulus. Thing could help global growth. And there's a limit the effectiveness of monetary policy. Follow us on Twitter and Reuters Insider and -- more of our video that Reuters dot com slash writer TV Wednesday we interviewed the so called real blind -- and bus. Not to -- my -- don't think the treasury bubble -- is not in the cards this year despite the Fed's massive stimulus. I'm pretty mom this is right here.

U.S. Day Ahead: Don't bet against the consumer - analyst

Tuesday, Apr 09, 2013 - 02:01

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