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South Korea raises surveillance alert level

Wednesday, Apr 10, 2013 - 01:56

April 10 - South Korea raises its surveillance alert of North Korea after the reclusive state moves one or more long-range missiles in readiness for a possible launch. Sarah Toms reports.

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A sense of unease across the Korean peninsula. South Koreans protest against North Korea amid fears Pyongyang has moved one or more mid range missiles and could be set to launch. (SOUNDBITE) (Korean) SOUTH KOREA'S FOREIGN MINISTER YUN BYUNG-SE SAYING: "Probably (North Korea would launch) a new type of missile, called Musudan, which is a mid-range missile. Its range is about 3,500 km. It depends on North Korea's decision how far they will send it away. It can fly to short distance or to longer distance just like they did in the past, over Japan." Japan has readied its ballistic missile defence systems as Pyongyang's threats of war become more belllicose. (SOUNDBITE) (Japanese) JAPANESE DEFENCE MINISTER ITSUNORI ONODERA, SAYING: "I ask you deploy your troops in a fully comprehensive manner in order to protect the lives and land of the Japanese people, and at this uncertain time be ever ready to leap into action whenever the order may come." It's not just threats. The North has also stopped South Korean workers from entering the Kaesong industrial park, which is in the North but supervised by both governments. South Korean lawmakers are urging Pyongyang to resume operations and let workers back in. (SOUNDBITE) (Korean) SOUTH KOREAN'S DEMOCRATIC UNITED PARTY LAWMAKER CHOO MI-AE SAYING: "It's not too late. The North Korean government should stop all provocative behaviour and change its course toward peace and stability on the Korean peninsular. The North Korean authority should first unconditionally return its workers back to their workplace and remove the restrictions on transit in order to normalise the Kaesong Industrial Zone." But despite the escalating tensions, most analysts don't expect a full blown war to break out. And here at the demilitarised zone, dividing the two Koreas, local and foreign tourists haven't been deterred from visiting for a snapshot of the reclusive state.

South Korea raises surveillance alert level

Wednesday, Apr 10, 2013 - 01:56

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