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Change or die: European fund firms battle as sales dwindle

Thursday, Apr 11, 2013 - 01:51

April 11 - As fund inflows dwindle and competition increases, European firms rewrite their business models for survival.

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And the -- of the European funds and you bulging with Brian T during the good times with heat to attracting and keeping in Estes -- anymore. With inflows and sales drying up to death threat lowest levels in decades. -- manages and now forced to slash home Linux products to cut costs. Clients -- become a lot more picky they want outcomes instead simple returns. And so they're only picking managers where they can see specific added value in reaching those outcomes. And -- opponents of the event fixes this axis emerging markets in London based European. And sustainable responsible investment equity desks in January last GA and the fate now a fixed income. Real estate and multi asset fund lions. Did accept marriage is only constant like Deutsche Bank are also consolidating. Managing its guns and wealth management businesses. That's just the tip of the ice. 200816. And a half thousand European funds have been -- or liquidate its -- a saint here. More than 151000. New product -- stupid book consolidation. -- See on the a lot of new entrants among more successful fund managers so that topped fifteen league table -- is going to look different. In a short as five years and have smaller faster growing firms that are built along these new success factors. Grow much more quickly than -- firms that are struggling to adapt their business stuff. Rising competition on Tupper product consolidation. Should you basically lead to higher protects. Angelina all Royces.

Change or die: European fund firms battle as sales dwindle

Thursday, Apr 11, 2013 - 01:51

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