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Reuters Breakingviews: Gold on the edge

Thursday, Apr 11, 2013 - 04:01

April 11 - Gold gets surprisingly little help from the Cyprus crisis and Korean fears -- the safe-haven metal is vulnerable, says Reuters global commentary unit Breakingviews.

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I once had a special code is it time to get out let's hope without breaking news is that it's a Robert Cole I'm your peace Robert oh in Campbell's -- says gold -- on the edge of big a -- -- do you think it's going further down. Goldman Sachs and and the rest of wealth and started by the down as well. -- means it's time to get better. Okay I'm just gonna come strike -- you know up in the big east battle go about the last ten is I think is a valued and it's. One dollar and -- select announcement -- go quite that far. So two I don't know if -- -- 56. I don't point the point here -- writing about today is actually on the back of excuse me Cypriot decision. Two sadly it's gold. And ten times and a 1410. Which is what's that several hundred million euros worth out of 600 million euros -- aside that that's a lot. And -- what ends pieces -- is that things are some fundamental reasons why -- gold is on the skids like you -- on the job of that and could -- further but the really. While we were running about this now is that fool that I actually you know well all central banks and hard pressed to come countries all of Europe gonna say. How long I'm William citing that go far right the guy is that right -- shall we sell. And if that is that things we certainly -- psychosis that sort of concluded. If other countries it's at least by who's that who's who's gonna say pharmacy that was sent a little from France back in 2009 right but we do -- from the -- -- hit my -- I don't know immersive and a hundred old 200 billion dollars and I'll ask about it when I write it -- It's so so once I is that there's applause oh what we're saying here is that there are many reasons why. Gold price could fool mole but one of the most so I catch -- intriguing ones. Is that it -- it's really which I think somebody side has one billion euros worth of gold decided to float it. Well it might go along light securing -- own financial problems. But the same time I got to get a move on because it fat part of selling pressure goes on the prices and got a -- 15100 dollars. But very dull -- I think that we can even see the Cyprus is decision there is no Google+ but to a 3% in the -- just. Just to put in respect courage it took Goldman said yesterday. 1450. By -- who of this -- -- thirteen and then down to I think 1270. By the end of next senator. -- after that lack we have our doctor if I Kabila mole but you know one of the -- blogs like go for so long is that. There was -- really and good YE by giving it other than by how many people won't say which. -- Is is really really difficult -- what's -- the gold -- What's ounce of gold worth how do you value that it has no virtually no utility. It brings you a negative income it has -- negative -- because you have to pay policemen to look after it. You used the -- -- -- partners and I'm so excited I hope my gut feeling -- and I hope my hands up but you know you do I wanna get in that -- -- -- you. Who what when it seems to me that he is the selling pressure is is Israel. -- -- yes I've missed Arnold should dumbest lots of opportunities amended proxy -- -- votes from the best of the other things -- that you've been my position to actually. Put them on in the line but I'd say the virtual investing a -- lots of opportunities while I'm not unhappy about missing. Because I still don't know what the value of our fields. But -- to prevent many thanks Robert Karl. Pathmark tennis setting aside do what are US breaking news show everyday atrocities in 1730 GMC. IMAX a problem sources.

Reuters Breakingviews: Gold on the edge

Thursday, Apr 11, 2013 - 04:01

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