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Saft Says: Insider trading - All the cool kids are doing it

Thursday, Apr 11, 2013 - 02:45

Apr 11 - Reuters columnist James Saft talks about the high cost of juvenile insider trading.

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Under our columnist James. The featuring baby. Cute little time doing electronic tricks from disparate. There. And straight and with inside me -- you need and -- the I mean it's. -- trading patterns in England. To order and usually. Paper. Where many of the university law school. Paul Cox if you -- Kansas. In New York from what our whole university student student business school. She. Counts. Warms. Your. Now the working assumption here is that. It's not the big east retreating. Or -- it's -- adults control counts on here. And what may be happening is that those who built our name who's actually. Well so all in -- information channel and freed more. And -- are more comfortable doing an arm's length in other words not mean there aren't. Leading to huge our performance that it's. Number it won't really. Worse at least one. -- but what corporate. How well did you did you not outperform the rest of -- All the data port takeover announcements. It shows the correct or 272%. Of the which is amazing and I mean performance is more than 12%. She's -- This may seem like a victimless crime. All eighties are back -- but we are the putts when you look it -- shared with the most informed. Insider trading. He has a higher rate of -- it's basically. Credible race for the market but -- it's. On blast for war I mean invest in this particular security. And their race. In this case the risk is that many buyers are with someone who doesn't mean you don't dare or you -- -- Talk to his all of -- not just in our ops but in a -- Lebanese finance its ups that essentially means there's higher capital. All of this. This is a really interesting -- and the SEC definitely ought to be lol means he's lines the United States.

Saft Says: Insider trading - All the cool kids are doing it

Thursday, Apr 11, 2013 - 02:45

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