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Techquity: Apple software in spotlight, PC shipments weak

Thursday, Apr 11, 2013 - 03:37

April 11 - Analyst highlights software as key to Apple's business while new data shows PC sales continue to sink.

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It's all about software and services for apple. That's have you Morgan Stanley's Katy puberty she's looking for a killer app. Like a mobile wallet or even streaming music service to help determine the success of -- anticipated debut iPhone 5 that's later this year. For now she's lowering her estimates for the first 2013 for apple based on checks with suppliers. But she does see the company giving more cash back to shareholders with an increased dividend and share buybacks. You re sticking with there's 600 dollar price target shares roughly flat today year's fourth Celtics. Apple's Mac business is headed in the right direction or go wrong direction depending on the -- the issues. Researcher Gartner outlook figures that show Mac shipments in the US in the first quarter rose seven point 4% from the first quarter point while. While I DC's data indicates Mac shipments fell seven point 5% in the first three months of the year. PC maker's overall got slammed in the first quarter regardless of which status -- IDC for example says shipments shrank nearly 14% worldwide in nearly 13% in the US. Market leader HP was the biggest disaster with shipments falling 23% globally and domestically the standout among the bunch was Lenovo. While its global shipments were flat in gain market share at expense of HP and -- to place a close second. Morgan Stanley predicts Leno was PC shipments won't rises much as 5% and 2014. But Citigroup downgraded Leno would do not just to sell from buy. It's certainly -- was PC business in China where it gets most of its sales will slow as Chinese consumers migrate to less profitable hapless. So much for the relatively good news on shipments. And almost stopped falling more than 5% and Hong Kong in the US Hewlett-Packard. Down 7%. Microsoft one of our best of the rest partially to blame for weak PC shipments. IDC saying the lackluster launch of windows eight not only failed to provide a boost to the PC market appears to have slowed it. Radical changes to the user interface like the removal is familiar start button. And the costs associated with such capabilities and they PCs less attractive -- tablets according the report. A few research -- too confident Microsoft's attempt to reinvigorate the PC industry. Both Norman and BCG partners he was done down a peg to neutral from alive while Goldman Sachs cut the stock to sell from neutral. But Microsoft is taking measures to capitalize on the booming tablet industry that's killing its -- PC business. Wall Street Journal says this developing a new lineup of surface tablets including a seven inch version expected to go to mass production later this year. Shares down about 5% today. Soaring inspiring time our look at movers soaring and we haven't mentioned much if at all on the show Xerox. Piper Jaffray started coverage of IT company with an overweight rating and a twelve dollar price start. Shares up more than 3%. Hit 52 week high of 938. And -- is Blackberry James Fox added that the press saying the firm believes optimism surrounding the new Blackberry ten will prove unwarranted. Shares down 6%. And that's kept putting this Thursday that recent falls on Twitter are ours it would. I'm Fred -- this.

Techquity: Apple software in spotlight, PC shipments weak

Thursday, Apr 11, 2013 - 03:37

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