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Boston attack: probing the devices and destruction

Monday, Apr 15, 2013 - 02:34

The devices used in the Boston Marathon attack appear somewhat sophisticated and embedded with shrapnel, says Bill Braniff of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism. According to Braniff, marathons have been targets of terrorism in the past. (April 15, 2013)

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-- -- -- -- Seven different incidents which I'm marathons specifically has been targeted. There's -- few reasons for that is. -- -- propaganda by the heat and sporting events so that terrorists leveraged the presence of media it's already on the scene and the general human interest of the event. To work for their corporate purposes. On the nature of the that the carnage. The fact that individuals. Lost -- suggests that. The explosives. And shrapnel embedded in them which is -- an early reporting that there -- ball bearings in the explosives. That that's how the military claymore mine is created -- the ball bearings on the front of I explosives. Having the exact. I intended effect is actually unfortunately at this -- in Boston so it looks like this was. Somewhat of a sophisticated. -- -- -- improvised explosive device that you think shrapnel for the purposes of in carrying or or. Killing. -- -- In the blast -- Then in the friendly sort that'll be done on the explosives will be. We'll we'll provide that information though we'll be a lot of closed caption cameras that will be mine differ on visual imagery. Decade. You know sure somebody. The -- the bombs some -- truck and backpack where the explosion went off. Will be eyewitnesses who'll come into the Torino that in. They just released a phone number four individuals -- to call if they have any information. That might help the authorities. And so there's there's I mean there's a lot of different -- -- -- -- come from and we shouldn't rule out that the possibilities that's -- claimed responsibility for the effects as well. Although historically that's not necessarily the norm there many terrorist attack that ever -- claimed by the perpetrators. -- mentioned there had been seven different incidents targeting marathons and several occurred in a target itself -- marathon in Ireland. LT TE and Sri Lanka targeted a government a government minister starting -- marathon. In Colombo with the suicide bomber. And suggested -- seven historical incidence. We can look at there are nationalist groups religious groups. You know here domestically -- the group for the domestic reasons to -- -- devoted group but it secret it's too early.

Boston attack: probing the devices and destruction

Monday, Apr 15, 2013 - 02:34

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