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Charlie Ergen's wars

Tuesday, Apr 16, 2013 - 02:25

Dish Network founder and billionaire Charlie Ergen is known for picking fights, and he might have picked his biggest battle yet in a showdown with Japan's SoftBank over wireless company Sprint. (April 16, 2013)

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Charlie -- is -- a lot of fight. Here's the fourth biggest fights that Ergen has found itself. -- -- It's safe back -- 2004. I patent infringement if he's he's about invented. Recording technology for your TV reporter or DVR. They did Echostar which is what issues to be home. For infringing on what happens. Did this you laugh and seven year. Did you end up paying over 500 million dollars since you've now that was a pretty ugly fight and it was very closely followed by Wall Street. Fans of shows like breaking bad and the Walking Dead might remember. Happened last summer when it's blackouts and networks. On -- system. Depriving its fourteen million subscribers of these great show us what course we -- today. The behavior. We should do -- It's settled for 700 million dollars Alice probably one of the Coughlin -- -- -- -- out sweets you. This isn't a fight went. The four major broadcaster fox and CU CBS agencies for basically coming out when it. Controversial technology that automatically skips over the commercials on the broadcast networks. We have gathered here today to pay their last respects to commercials now we have the pop up. We can watch commercial free TV. Fish house -- against the -- CDS that threat since the poll itself and -- network -- assistants. So this is really want to watch. -- -- bent over point five billion for sprint. Hoping that combines the two companies together to create a number one wireless and video company. Which would compete against the likes of Verizon Cingular wireless front and also. The cable companies like Comcast and time table there could be -- bidding war Charlie are again often options. With other powerful people. And the founder of Softbank another self made billionaire -- company was. Kelly arrogant is known for taking risks. He's known for being a professional gambler on the blackjack and poker scene witnessed 25 billion dollar offer. This chairman Charlie Ergen is reaching its pockets we'll see what happens in the play.

Charlie Ergen's wars

Tuesday, Apr 16, 2013 - 02:25

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