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Techquity: Apple's new low, breaking down the decline

Wednesday, Apr 17, 2013 - 02:55

April 17 - Apple falls below $400. We track the stock's fall and assess when it may turnaround.

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A logic problem for apple and no word not talking philosophy. Suppliers Cirrus Logic issued a profit warning and those alarm Nelson Apple's stocks lighting. The chipmaker broke down is growing inventory mostly due to what it called it decreased forecast for a high volume product. As is custom migrates to new component while investors into that that decreased the man came from apple and -- the new component referred to the next generation iPhone. Apple accounts from what happens yours is revenue. Yours is it is rained down on Apple's investors apple stocks slid nearly 6% and briefly cracked the 400 dollar level for the first time since December 2011. It's now down more than 40% from its peak in September. 125 million shares changing hands after four hours of trading. Topping the average daily volume of seventeen million shares it's half the level Apple's busiest full day this year. Apple reports its results next Tuesday with expectations for hardware providers so low. Deutsche Bank says simply meeting expectations may be enough to trigger a relief for Latin rally in Apple's stock. Apple stop blows come -- analysts have become more negative on the short term outlook. Increase competition in the Smartphone category and a lack of new products from apple contributing to the more pessimistic view for the first half of 2013. Before an updated iPhone and other devices are seen hitting the market. The weaker expectations especially pronounced -- Apple's June quarter. Thomson Reuters start -- Smart testament which tracks higher ranked analysts shows an expectation apple post a profit in the quarter more than 6% below. The current mean estimate. The smartest minute 860 share -- the nine dollars and nineteen cents a view of the consensus. For all of this fiscal year which ends in September the smartest and has roughly in line with the mean reflecting the current view of the rebound in the second half. While Apple's all the buzz on social media sites like Twitter and stock twits. Taking a look at heat map of social signal activity apple far and away the most discussed in the past 24 hours. Comments flooding the social site stocked with especially after the stock's drop below 400. Tweaks like this one getting some attention. Trey Holland writing what it feels like to be an apple bull right now. One of those bulls saying Tim Cook should release earnings today mid day and just blow out all the shorts. Floors -- stocked with says. Apple results might be bad but that is getting price then so expect 37 to 380 before results and a balance post results. I guess we'll just have to wait NC. That's kept putting this Wednesday remember you can follow us on Twitter RT artists equity. I'm Fred Katayama this is what.

Techquity: Apple's new low, breaking down the decline

Wednesday, Apr 17, 2013 - 02:55

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