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U.S. Day Ahead: Mobile boost to drive Google growth

Wednesday, Apr 17, 2013 - 02:16

Apr 17 - Google should see more signs of profitability when it reports results thanks to advertisers warming up more to mobile, according to Reuters Breakingviews' Rob Cyran.

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It's all healthier ball well -- numbers when -- reports results total profits are set to grow around 6% from a year ago. Tensions you average cost for planes now companies paid what when people going to their -- Last quarter cost per -- fell 6%. The vast improvement from the third quarter's 15% slide and the public even batter in the latest from. Once the number of surges on who is still increasing every quarter. Problem is that advertisers have been willing to pay as much for an at a mobile phone as they work -- and invest it in half as much. In the last quarter sealing cap is starting to narrow. If that does Google will do well so let's -- Investor expectations aren't high Google stock soaring about 30% in the past year. Can Morgan Stanley today's seeking financial sector a great when it reports earnings. We'll are expected to -- from a year ago thanks to a stronger performance -- investment banking. The focus on what the company says about its wealth management business which yeah about half of its annual revenue. Morgan Stanley caution to last corner and bad that the results might get a little bit -- because her academy teams. But on the other hand if they -- really strong numbers today. Mr. everybody's wondering -- be if they take market share from Morgan Stanley -- is -- is the business better for everyone. Morgan Stanley shares tumbled about 2%. On the clintons. We -- stock to watch -- apple after it crashed through 400 dollars. Outlook since December 2011 yeah. In -- after a major suppliers Cirrus Logic gave a disappointing revenue forecast. Fueling worries about weakening demand for an iPhone and iPad Apple's -- nearly 6% at the close. Warrant out that's why it's technically on insider. Don't miss our -- -- interview with incoming -- and he -- -- Mark -- he sits down with Reuters digital editor mr. -- on Thursday to discuss austerity -- -- reminding you -- stagnant economy. And he'll keep up his policy of ultra low interest. We'll follow us on Twitter writer inside hearing more of our videos at Reuters dot com slash -- TV and I'm putting this is this for years.

U.S. Day Ahead: Mobile boost to drive Google growth

Wednesday, Apr 17, 2013 - 02:16

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