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Europe Week Ahead: Debt, austerity and growth

Friday, Apr 19, 2013 - 03:04

April 19 - Debt, austerity and growth on the agenda in Washington for the IMF and World Bank, with markets focusing on Tuesday’s PMI data. And earnings season gets into full swing as we talk to Philips and WPP.

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-- -- -- engulfed topped the agenda at the G-20 IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington this weekend. Peter in Europe next week ECB vice president -- took on stunts you presents a central banks and report to the European Parliament on Wednesday. While you're at a group chieftain and does a blimp and has assessment of parliamentarians on Thursday. As far as Central Bank policy decisions go with what -- that I can New Zealand and more importantly the Bank of Japan. The focus on whether the -- updates its forecasts and that governor of total does two -- Tynes came to -- team has 2% inflation target. Becomes an official projection. Also in Asia French president -- while on the visits China on Friday. On the dates of funds all eyes on the flash PMI is on Tuesday and Jimmy's in full on Wednesday. The user's -- ECB to cut interest rates -- -- is next month. CIBC's Jeremy stretch says the. I think -- flash PMI numbers were on -- -- will be hugely important. So while step whilst the he's in Boston -- has been -- may well -- -- back a little bit on some of these comments. I think any rallies in any remain will just provide. Opportunities to to get shorter best levels in today's PMI numbers and -- -- on -- -- Wednesday. The UK is the first of the G-7 nations to release Q1 GDP numbers that's on Thursday the first estimate could confront threats and has slipped back into it. A triple dip recession this week IMF wants a steady tidbits and was hitting golf. I mean of USQ one GDP data on Friday so how does the global economy holding up okay I'm not debates so says volatile global markets lights up. It's a public. -- getting there as of Q2 full -- together as we speak really. And it looks like there'll trimming their full costs as the IMF did earlier this week. It's a trim not a not a -- cut. About it but it but there were very strong expectations that a bit as we go through the year growth would gradually recover. Especially in the US and that's looking less and less certain that people are having to adjust the first finally. Different -- go forward. In the debt markets in Germany options two billion euros of theft of bonds on the UK sales index linked -- on Wednesday. Yet appear coming season gets into full swing next week with a slew of companies reporting first quarter results ones to watch out for. Include some of Europe's biggest banks Credit Suisse and Barclays on BB BA. Investors will also be watching Unilever us post quotes -- numbers to see if it's continuing to -- to rival sales growth. The consumer giant reported underlying sales growth of six point 9% and 2012. And don't miss some interviews with Phillips chief executive funds on Hudson on Monday and WPP's -- Soto on Friday. But some look ahead to next week I'm -- to give up this is Reuters.

Europe Week Ahead: Debt, austerity and growth

Friday, Apr 19, 2013 - 03:04

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