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Market Pulse: Brace for a summer lull, but no slump

Friday, Apr 19, 2013 - 04:03

April 19 - Stocks look to end a bruising week on a positive note. But active central banks may be needed to prevent a summer lull turning into a slump.

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We just -- markets today looking to end the bruising week and a positive notes. Close on governing as the spring summer slump already upon us. So -- in the green today led by financials but it's been a tough week Germany's Dax posting its steepest weekly decline this year. Blessed that it was driving these moves -- here to tell us -- -- of global markets -- but it's a public but let's start with today's news mock setup by Exxon. I'm performing up more than 2%. Driving this. Why it's really a recovery story today mean we've seen some fairly hefty moves this week. From fitting that just selling in the probably go on and on some that a dismal growth numbers coming out of the US and China. So nothing more than than that really that that and I've just been a little -- I've done. About the sent -- -- -- -- as you've pointed to has been a tough week Japanese stocks off to the saints. This traditional spring summer slump budget -- CBS and -- has fallen 15%. On out it's. In the last three years I'll be sick for a repeat of that this year. And it's not. As clear this year I think Kim that the key difference being the -- the activity of the big central banks com you now about the Bank of Japan pumping out liquidity and and even if the Fed would this go back some of its buying in the second half of this year at the Bank of Japan is there I'm adding more liquidity making up the -- so. It doesn't seem likely that we get the -- the same kind of big selloff that we've had in the past. Instead of over just about who -- -- long term chart of the S&P. There's this Cleo. Pots and being being phones. Again the question must be. Do you get a sense that people are prepared to buy -- by S&P these levels. Equities still looking I'm they -- the -- -- that debt is still. How low return that have since -- Of the best of times and and give us still confident they'll be some you know growth will continue to may be slightly lower levels than -- then. Maybe initial expectations had being that there's no signs. That people -- sharply revising down regretful. -- at this point and you say the central banks are still still active let's finish up on gold has been about to become Monday especially was a historic day in the gold market for the wrong reasons perhaps. But but getting back up to what a key technical level it's going to be moving average and the sense that. Investors think this trashing gold has. Come to an end. Well it looks like what's happening is that as it as it has fallen them. It's drawn in a lot of physical -- especially in Asia where people like to buy gall to -- wealth and component in it a real physical form to -- and and people have been reporting strong demand full physical gold. Below 4800. And this is definitely liked it too. Support the prize although who is the sense you get from -- some of the tried as. These people have lost their enthusiasm of it for gold. And it it could be a long time before the sort of strong buying comes back. That's it thank you very much and as we speak gold up about one point 7%. 1414. Dollars and months. Onslaught shot of the day -- shares and ACP had done more than 3% after the fall and Asian sales led to a little lower than expected first quarter operating profit. For more on ACP's and things under an action of -- chief executive Jim -- of what's an interview with them on the incite a platform. I'm one of the biggest losers on the -- today is RWE tumbling seven and a half percent. This after Germany's second biggest utility issued a profit one saying it would be virtually impossible to maintain content and things beyond the coming year. That's they believe it sets in and -- market pulse and he weekday at 12 o'clock London time in Thailand a that'd be -- and in any given the civility. It's.

Market Pulse: Brace for a summer lull, but no slump

Friday, Apr 19, 2013 - 04:03

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