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Reuters Asks: After the gold crash, burn or revive?

Friday, Apr 19, 2013 - 01:34

April 19 - Monday, 15 April 2013 will go down as a historic day for gold – its biggest fall in percentage terms for 30 years, and biggest fall ever in dollar terms. So what next?

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But -- another 10%. Possible backside of gulf. Both of them I think we've we've we've we've probably gonna see some of the backtrack -- ultimately you know you've got to wonder if Kimi carries all the global central banks if we continue to see it takes money supply rising. We can say you know maybe this Pondexter will be looking at gold teeth as Fosamax. We should expect to -- People have to trade just a few months ago 18%. Who would like to see some bias coming through what's that translates into on the prices we get back to ranges we could welcome back to that -- -- on the 1520. Feet from the way down. I think we'll make a way -- you know. I think there's still room for -- to come back you know ultimately gets the easing linked to -- met Fred -- -- the moment. But really I think at best will continue to prefer hard assets to a central bank of our west to resist as the order of the day. It's hard to predict it could continue to be more selling pressure and the way we're playing it is selling the put options -- -- the another hundred dollars it's going to be put on us. If it stays flat we get paid that's premium if you've -- if we do get. Down attached -- we'll -- the thirteen hundred -- -- -- level that I think -- does risk another link love because that said marxism with the midpoint. Of the range in the last five years I think we all getting down some content levels -- trouble Whitfield has never save any certainty it is she. Or it's expensive side. Makes the valuation -- he's rather assets let -- -- this -- ago.

Reuters Asks: After the gold crash, burn or revive?

Friday, Apr 19, 2013 - 01:34

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