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Europe Day Ahead: Spring resurgence for PMIs?

Monday, Apr 22, 2013 - 01:47

April 22 - European leaders will be hoping for improved numbers from flash PMIs, while Spain tests the market with up to €3 bln-worth of short-term debt. Plus earnings from France Telecom and Arm Holdings.

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Flash PMI numbers from France Germany and the Euro -- out tomorrow the first glimpse into the level of economic activity in April. Markets watching for any evidence of a pickup. Often last month sharp decline in from some slowdown in Germany. European leaders desperate for signs of growth as bounce over the wisdom of austerity -- ha. And higher ECB vice president we took a sponsor presents the central bank's 2012 reports of the European Parliament. Again the focus will be on growth when -- commit -- David Riley says reviving growth remains the president's greatest challenge. Is a fundamental challenge that Europe faces in terms of the eurozone crisis which is to try to secure full price for covering up to right. At this point in time is very -- -- a book -- becoming recovers from the come. And Spain will issue up to three billion euros of bills tomorrow Europe's fourth largest economy is easily managing to -- stat but figures from Euro stat today. Showed its deficit ballooned to more than 10%. At the end of lost yet. Incorporate use tomorrow France Telecom report says S&P downgrades its long term rating of the French from citing stiff mobile competition. And a sharper than expected drop in political profit. And what of its joint ventures EU also reports the UK's biggest robot operator says it's on track to sign up one million customers. For its four G service by the end of 2013. UK chip design all of holdings expects its deliberate jumping Q1 revenues. Analysts looking for hands on strategy and growth for the rest of 2013. Following the surprise departure from times yet Warren east back in March. I thought it had to -- think -- -- -- struggle -- analysts.

Europe Day Ahead: Spring resurgence for PMIs?

Monday, Apr 22, 2013 - 01:47

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