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Breakingviews: ABB takes a shine to solar

Monday, Apr 22, 2013 - 04:31

April 22 - ABB is buying Power-One for $1 bln. The solar glut has spelt financial misery for many, but ABB says its target is in a sweet spot. ABB must show investors the strategy makes sense says Breakingviews.

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So its rivals are pulling out but hey BP is pressing on soda power Chris series as some runners breaking news media and it sounds joins me now. I'm what is -- BBC. Chris that Bausch and Siemens and the others who are getting out of this market to an -- Well it seems to see segments of site and winners. It may think it's most -- these are cool. So in birth is just as one pulse of the it's and achieved generation train. And also it seems to have a very long term view it's essentially saying okay we know it has been this massive great. Crash. And so there's a few cool lots. Laws because all of far east of produces the severe flooding the market with. The senate panel said the ultimate rebound. But I hate -- that we can hiccup this mass listed company that made some specialists. Device for. That in goals will say this country was trading well for way more than that obviously. I it is I think is taking a long term view is he's a particular segment. And it's and it's. It's it's reckoning must be that emerging market the moment. Four. Sailor and deterioration in general -- just causes me confidence for. Yeah animals does not paying as -- not paying are really really. Massive prices as we said with the financial reform with or is buying has been a little bit -- hope they're ready to pay its. But but it's it's it's it's pay only low multiple. The bit -- -- this I do great things say. And it even that was poses is very weak. It's not all obviously that's breeding massively kind facility for the money vital question weapon. Who who broke your p.'s. Makes an -- -- enough appointments seem point that this gives the company is being I'm usually acquisitive. For European blue chip. Is not a good thing. Oh the parents I think all candidates really benefits things. A BBs -- -- race. It -- this is a small business and this is one of the smaller deals. In the ABP's recent field history and south of -- bigger than let's remember. Not too long ago that ABB was really on his knees in falls -- -- decade -- it. You talk about walking confidently about one billion. Plus now if there are fourteen billion dollars undated it called into difficulty. Is because it did that it spending spree back in the months to say it. If you see one of us is might be a little bit more about her awareness this am and they. -- she really caring and it's it's that this is this is of both on the other thing may not be very expensive but. It don't leave it does make investments polls since it's an unusual way to guarantee sit. -- what went to -- that vote. AB needs through the be very clear about what -- the with the stimulus it's it's pretty it's it's -- it's recovered from the start plays called the policy. To go through before this but what does that radio about I mean did you going to do to do -- -- -- -- you -- I'm fellowship president Reinemund who is old enough that it it is -- -- -- -- -- but I -- -- atomic for a final -- I mean you you make this point. And if so long so this is our long term strategy but back. In a business like this which isn't cheap requires pretty deep pockets. Well -- This is actually for ABB U this is this is not exactly basking in the fall and say this is. Is is that it's a woman in Dover with the forty billion. Toy company. Now. It may as you say they need to attempt to make this work it may need to follow up. With further terminate further capital expenses as from to further investment. Things stand this important horrible. Horrible act customers from straight. Okay. Chris many things that inducing story ABB. I'm buying and Powell one for a billion dollars. For more agenda setting inside watch our US bring you show every day twelve birdies in 1630 GMT on axle problem sources.

Breakingviews: ABB takes a shine to solar

Monday, Apr 22, 2013 - 04:31

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