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Techquity: Apple bruised but desirable say analysts

Monday, Apr 22, 2013 - 03:07

Apr 22 - Two analysts upgrade Apple's stock ahead of its earnings while eBay takes on Amazon.

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The market has priced in a slowdown in demand shares have been oversold. Those accounts from two brokerages upgrading apple ahead of its quarterly results Tuesday. BGC which -- demand slowdown priced and put on a -- on his view. Jump in the fire as any apple good news could boost up the stock it raises doctor -- -- trimmed its price target to 500 dollars from 550. -- -- partners which these pictures oversold. Says the risk reward ratios favorable it boosted the shares to market outperform and kept its price target at 600 dollars. These follow a pattern of other recent comments from analysts expressing a view that apple could gain ground with the release of new products in the second half when he thirteen. Shares of apple up 2% today your 400 bucks. Amazon getting up fight from eBay on tax policy. EBay CEO John Donahoe as email millions of eBay users and merchants of the company's online marketplace. Asking that test and got to Amazon he wants in the lobby congress to oppose the marketplace fairness act which Amazon backs. The legislation would give states the power reports retails at more than one million dollars an out of state revenue. To collect online sales tax Donahoe claims act unfairly burdens small online merchants. And treats in the same as big multi billion dollar online retailers. Amazon had argued that an exemption for small island retailers would give them an unfair advantage. Shares of Amazon up fractionally today eBay stock is down more than 1% but trading in the top half its 52 week range. In our best of the rest bomber anywhere. Activist investor value capital has -- -- two billion dollars stake in Microsoft this according to CNBC. Now we don't know what value acts intentions are but most recently it -- machinery maker Gardner Denver to sell itself. While at stake makes up less than 1% of Microsoft is big enough to rank it among -- stop these top fifteen investors so it'll help us today. At the very least by -- get some income Microsoft steadily pumps on dividends just like utility. Valued at 67 million shares would produce an annual pace of nearly 62 million dollars. Microsoft has been hiking is dividends at a rate of roughly eight and a half cents a year over the last decade. At that rate value act would get 118 million dollars annually ten years from now but as for the stock while it's gonna done. Even with today's roughly four percentage up its trading back where what's in 2002. Consider this Steve Ballmer took over as CEO in 2000 the peak of the dotcom boom Microsoft's stock has fallen. 42%. Well that's equity this Monday remembering -- -- on Twitter at RT artists equity. I'm Fred Katayama this is sort.

Techquity: Apple bruised but desirable say analysts

Monday, Apr 22, 2013 - 03:07

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