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U.S. Morning Call: Lights, camera, earnings for Netflix

Monday, Apr 22, 2013 - 03:15

Apr 22 - Netflix expected to boost video-streaming subscriber growth when its reports its first-quarter results.

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-- on Monday caterpillar reporting results just moments ago and it's not great news. Revenue and earnings are off expectations sales fell 17% in the first quarter. Catlett will resume its stock repurchase plan in the second quarter shares of caterpillar down one point 8%. In the premarket. And Netflix reported results after the bell shares skyrocketing 70% this year. With gains coming after the company surprised profit last quarter. Investors will want to know if the media streaming service attracted a sizable number of new customers. -- the debut of house of cards starring Kevin Spacey. The Netflix original reportedly cost 109 dollars to produce. Rival Amazon also going the way of original programming posting fourteen new pilot online last week. In other earnings LG display coming out with the results this morning it reported its smallest profit since returning to the black last year. This not as bad news for them but also for apple which according to analysts provides 30% of LG is revenue. The company also said weak demand for iphones I've had ways on its results. More on apple data from research firm catalyst shows Apple's App Store accounts for 74% of revenue made by all app stores in the last quarter. By contrast Google plays -- only -- to 18%. Despite the popularity of android devices. Shares of apple trading up slightly in the premarket down nearly 40% this year the tech giant reports results after the bell tomorrow. Not to markets US stock futures point to a higher open. Existing home sales data on the docket mart's sales expected to edge up an annualized pace to 59 units. Spot gold rising 2% this morning trading around 1432. Dollars an ounce gold fell last week to its lowest price in two years. And never some stocks to watch Boeing has started installing reinforce lithium ion batteries on five ground -- natives and that's by on the airwaves. The plane shouldn't lie in about a week. ANA as the dreamliner biggest operator with seventeen aircrafts so far the -- has caused belly nearly 600 million dollars. And don't be surprised if you get an email from eBay CEO this morning. According to Reuters exclusive. John Donahoe is. A proposed bill -- out all states to collect sales tax from online merchants. Only businesses with at least ten million dollars in annual out of state house should qualify for the tax. Compared with a one million dollars -- rational by the bill. That's -- -- Monday morning call -- -- follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider get more great videos letters dot com slash. And we've -- it.

U.S. Morning Call: Lights, camera, earnings for Netflix

Monday, Apr 22, 2013 - 03:15

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