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U.S. Morning Call: Apple: The good, bad and the ugly

Tuesday, Apr 23, 2013 - 03:17

Apr 22 - Get ready for Apple earnings. Suppliers and investors are struggling to gauge demand for the iconic Apple smartphone.

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Morning call for. Tuesday Apple's day of reckoning -- here -- think is the question on the minds of most investors. Let's see how -- doing next to its competitors with all its main products. Starting with the iPhone. Samsung is leading the way in the Smartphone business claiming 40% of global market share last year next up the iPad. In a tablet space apple led the way last quarter with a market share of 43%. -- on nipping at heels but not quite there. Next up the app world. Apple a clean winners there Google's App Store revenues are only a third apples but analysts say in about a year android apps may catch up. From apps to maps no numbers on that one but we on now how apple has performed when it comes to that. And lastly -- all this business just -- all computers apple only claims 10% of the US market share. It's not been immune to the fallen PC shipments sales declined 7% year to date. Now let's take a -- Apple's kingdom of suppliers. Sources in Asia say they often jokingly referred the company as the poison apple because it's hard to meet high standards and low price expectations. Things not looking good Cirrus Logic which relies on apple for more than 90% of its sales. It recently warned of reduced forecast for one customer widely assumed to be apple. LG display keeping it no secret that apple is indeed responsible for its slowdown with lower demand for iPad iPhone screens. Chipmaker Broadcom an RF micro devices also linked to apple report today to keep an -- and their earnings to get a better read on Apple's. Also watch for AT&T which reports after the bell key there will be how many new iphones ipads whistled by AT&T last quarter. One last thing take a look at Apple's stock it's down 40% since the beginning of the year update in the premarket. US stock futures point to a mixed open today what pulling then down. We Chinese data -- the world's second biggest economy -- barely any growth in factory activity in April. And a little later today we've got new home sales for march expected to tick up to 420000. Units. Never stocks to watch check out Netflix it's up another 23%. Premarket after soaring 24% after hours. A number of brokerages raising their price target on the stock. Investors impressed with solid subscriber growth and better than expected profits in the first quarter. Keep an eye on shares of college it's up 9% premarket. The leather goods maker reported better than expected quarterly results helped by higher sales in North America. Coach recently made it bigger push past bags into shoes and apparel. Other companies reporting today include discover Lockheed Martin and Yum! Brands. It did for your Tuesday morning call remembered follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get more great videos at Reuters dot com slash latest easy. I'm Bernard it.

U.S. Morning Call: Apple: The good, bad and the ugly

Tuesday, Apr 23, 2013 - 03:17

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