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Europe Day Ahead: Spotlight on UK growth

Wednesday, Apr 24, 2013 - 02:04

April 24 - Growth across Europe on Thursday’s agenda, with UK Q1 GDP, Eurogroup leader Dijsselbloem at the European Parliament and an interview with EBRD chief CHakrabarti. Plus earnings from Unilever and BAT.

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UK growth and focus tomorrow the first quarter GDP out at nine theft take. -- always brits in the first G-7 country tour released GDP numbers and markets will be watching carefully for a triple dip recession. It's a close call Britain's economy -- more than expected in Q4 last year and conservative led government is facing tough questions open its commitment to austerity. But BGC's Mike Ingram says the number is unlikely to speak markets. I that we. Market psychology at the moment is almost as bad knees he's good news if we get that a week number of them are expected. Including 1% -- for the quarter if we get a negative number of sit behind lights on the home on triple bed but then they'll be growing expectation that the bank giving this kind of coming in. Even more forcefully with the easing measures particularly since you know -- colonies is a little movement tee box away from a from taking up -- phone call fixed. We crunch the numbers with office for national statistics chief economist Joseph price that's at 1145. London time tomorrow. On Europe's economic growth prospects in the spotlight two on Thursday you know group chief digital and possibly in talks to parliamentarians on economic and monetary affairs committee. Staying with our outlook for European growth we speak to the head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development -- -- a biopsy tomorrow. Stay tuned to the inside a platform for but it's. -- taking a big step closer to stability the country has a new prime minister designate and the collects up. The 46 you don't sense elect politicians who opened talks to form a broad based coalition government on Thursday. Moving on to -- who Unilever releases Q1 results I'm what does consumer goods from beat expectations -- that rivals in 2012. Growth driven by emerging market sales. Investors -- watching to see if the company can repeat that performance this year. Others to watch tomorrow British American Tobacco is Q1 numbers and -- schools it's -- GM. That's I went ahead to Thursday on TV and gave up. -- -- --

Europe Day Ahead: Spotlight on UK growth

Wednesday, Apr 24, 2013 - 02:04

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