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Techquity: Apple not as bad as feared, or as good as hoped

Wednesday, Apr 24, 2013 - 02:56

April 24 - Apple reports a better-than-expected profit but lowers guidance. We review reaction from analysts and the market.

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Now it's analysts turn. So far at least nineteen cutting their price target on apple after the company released its results last night. It -- -- profit but guided lower on revenue for the June quarter as expected. The mean price target before today with 562. Dollars shortfall when the latest numbers are factored in. Without them the drop is already nearly 200 blocks from the start of the year. One bullet staying -- is Brian white of Topeka capital he's sticking with this. 880 dollar target the highest among the 48 analysts tracked by Thomson Reuters. Yesterday we look at the buy side institutional investors' expectations for Apple's key metrics. -- under shot iPhone sales and just about predicted the company's gross margin. We also showed you the range of Apple's stock move the day after results as calculated by bespoke investment. Apple holding true to form in terms of making a small move -- -- and the stock is actually down. The 15% hike in the dividend not boosting shares at this point third down a fraction trying to stay above 400. They fell as low as 392. Dollars and fifty cents -- one point earlier today. Cook is keeping an eye on Samsung -- the Korean company is competitor that's in his words married to Google. Reviews are coming in on Simpson's latest Smartphone the galaxy S four and they're not thinking hallelujah Wall Street Journal's influential columnist Walt Mossberg said that's -- good. But not great he calls it an evolution of the best -- S three in notes that the special weekend software some time to the point of being. Intermittently functional. David -- of the New York Times praised as -- beauty but otherwise echoed those sentiments dismissing is basically updated S three. And ask for sports a slightly larger screen and S three more horsepower and a camera with five more megapixels. While perhaps apple can take comfort in -- CNN review this and asked for won't convert. An iPhone user and perhaps take comfort from this breaking news T-Mobile saying that it will delay taking online orders of that ask for. It'll now let's take those doors starting Monday April 20 ninth it's citing an unexpected delay with inventory deliveries. Are soaring and sputtering time. I look at -- soaring as Broadcom which posted quarterly results that beat expectations. The chipmaker benefiting from use an iPhone to other devices shares up 6%. Inspiring is Motorola solutions the part of Motorola that Google did not buy. The communications gear maker cut its full year revenue forecast as customers delay purchases shares down nearly 10%. That's happening this Wednesday remember you can follow us on Twitter RT -- to happen. I'm Fred Todd Palin this is.

Techquity: Apple not as bad as feared, or as good as hoped

Wednesday, Apr 24, 2013 - 02:56

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