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Techquity: Amazon's expansion issues, gaffes from Google

Friday, Apr 26, 2013 - 03:26

April 26 - Reuters Breakingviews Columnist Rob Cyran on the challenges facing Amazon and the latest gaffes from Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.

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Amazon one of our four horsemen and it just lost issue. The retailing giant reported less revenue they expect in the first quarter and earnings shrank. We're seeing it just pays -- said this quarter be more of the same. And most companies would kill for 22% sales growth Amazon still can't carry decent profit. -- -- an operating loss of 300 million this quarter. -- the company spending heavily expanding internationally building warehouses in developing new gadgets and perhaps even a Smartphone. And expanding into video production grocery delivering advertising. It's like a severe case of mission creep or Amazon wants to be anything and everything. Where the -- can handle all these lines of business or the company will ever generate substantial profit is a good question. Stocks down 7% today more than twenty bucks -- 250 dollars a share. Different kind of court for Samsung the South Korean tech giant posting its sixth straight quarter profit growth. This comes ahead of the debut its galaxy S four Smartphone which launches Saturday in the US on its way to -- 155 countries around the globe. Samsung's kicking off major ad campaigns that at many stores and best buy to sell the device. And you data shows it has increased -- Smartphone lead vs apple in the first quarter. IDC says Samsung shipped more than seventy million units having about 13 of the global market. Number shipments up 60% from the same quarter a year ago. Apple shipping 37 million iphones for a 17% market share or about 110 the level Samsung. I'm sure Samsung sells many lower priced options that the date does include its newest model either. Samsung shares down for actually install. They've roughly matched the performs the marketers this year. To Google search for Eric -- gaffes and you'll find several articles over the -- document -- more outlandish statements like we know where you are and what you like. And whose policies to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it. The former CEO and current executive chairman added to the list this weekend talk at Harvard saying out loud. Control Google glasses via voice recognition is the weirdest thing. He also said they are obviously places -- glasses art are inappropriate. She -- -- a crucial role with helping run the business while founder Sergey Brin and Larry Page learn the -- the corporate world. He's also -- the diplomat for the search giant trap trotting the globe and its behalf. Maybe time for -- to -- into the background. Google shares down 1% today. And now let's step back and take the long view of attack we talk -- integrity about what happens stated today. But -- -- rose compiled an interesting list of what they think the fastest growing industries are likely to be over the next five years. And all of them are located on line and all that great and amazing race for the past several years. The usual suspects social networks e-book publishing alike. What's notable however several old business with an all online twist online fashion furniture and shoe sales. People attacked like to talk about the shock of the -- Attacks importance also lies and how much it's becoming into -- into even the most mundane parts the economy and our lives. That's -- Friday remember you can follow us on Twitter -- -- S equity. I'm rob Syrian and this is writers.

Techquity: Amazon's expansion issues, gaffes from Google

Friday, Apr 26, 2013 - 03:26

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