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Techquity: Google steps up battle with Apple's Siri

Monday, Apr 29, 2013 - 03:00

April 29 - Google enters Apple's turf with its voice app, plus Amazon's latest headache in Europe and more.

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Certainly in arch rivals invading your turf now. We're talking about Google now that talking personal assistant like apples theory that serves android users starting today. Google's making now available as an app for iphones and ipads. It's a move by Google to get back at apple whose preloaded Siri apple used to bypass Google's search engine. When looking at -- sports scores traffic forecast on mobile devices. Through now apple users will be able tapped Google services like Gmail and counter and seen in the top of windows called cards. Google's move is the latest sign of the Smartphone has. Has become a key battlefield between the tech guys you may recall that apple last fall replace Google Maps on its iphones but. Went into its own problems with its own maps created in house Google's stock is up more than 2% today just 2% -- its all time -- As for apple it's getting ready for its first ever bond sale to -- its big buyback and dividend hike. I -- -- says apple be talking to Deutsche bank and Goldman Sachs today and it filed with the US EC. Apple's stock is up 3%. Amazon has come under scrutiny -- tax practices in Europe now it's labor policies there are facing criticism. Workers at a second facility in Germany have voted to authorize a strike. They're seeking better pay and benefits. Trade union is also taking issue with Amazon's refusal to implement a collective agreement on employment conditions. Amazon has more than 9000 workers in Germany the company wasn't immediately available for comment in his -- that it pays wages that are competitive. The stock is down about 1% today. A quick. Who is the highest paid executive at FaceBook last year well. It wasn't Mark Zuckerberg whose compensation was two million dollars the league itself stop -- in the -- it was CEO Sheryl Sandberg she may 26 million dollars. Which is actually down from 31 million in 2011. This according to regulatory filing out late Friday. -- April David. 2012. Down one million from the prior year. Facebook's stock is up 1% today the company reports quarterly results on Wednesday. Soaring inspiring time -- look at movers sewing is is really semiconductor company DSP group. NASDAQ with that shares the multimedia chip producer up 7%. After it posted a profit that topped expectations. And sputtering. Leap wireless JPMorgan cutting the low cost mobile services provider to underweight from neutral shares down 7%. And that's equity this Monday without breaking faults on Twitter at RT ours Ted what. I'm Fred I think ailment this is what.

Techquity: Google steps up battle with Apple's Siri

Monday, Apr 29, 2013 - 03:00

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