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U.S. Morning Call: Will Chrysler escape the Europe scourge?

Monday, Apr 29, 2013 - 03:05

Apr 29 - Fiat-owned Chrysler reports results today, and analysts want to know if falling sales in Europe will impact the bottom-line, as they did for rival Ford.

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Morning call for Monday a couple of key earnings this morning starting with Fiat -- Chrysler. The automaker's global sales grew 8% last quarter. Despite that Chrysler's profit could decline is that selling fewer suvs and luxury vehicles. One good thing is not that big in Europe were autos sales fell 10% during the quarter. Losses in Europe where a big drain on earnings for rival Ford which reported last week and plans to close three factories in the region by 2014. Also reported results herbal life. Nutrition company was a blip on the radar for most investors until bill Blackman due attention to it by calling it appeared -- scheme and shorting the stock. Opposite camp opened Carl Icahn investing their money and reputation in the company. Just last week -- elected to icon back board members and shareholders meeting. You have the last -- the company's profit has been on the rise for the last three quarters. By now almost half while S&P 500 companies have reported earnings. Reuters analysis shows that even though profits have been better than expected revenue forecasts have declined. That's a sign that companies are reporting higher results by cutting back expenses and not because of stellar sales. Not to market US stock futures are pointing to higher start today. Macro front pending home sales data due out according to a Reuters poll sales increased by 1% for march. And gold rallying up to 1471. As the dollar false and it's got a lot to do with the Fed. Which is expected to keep its current -- the bond buying an 85 billion dollars when it meets this week. We kick off our stocks to watch that executive shake up. JPMorgan mat -- Assuming you'll see what the bank. It's spring is in the on now with whom we share that role this marks the ninth executive to leave JPMorgan operating committee in the past years. It's been roughly eight years since the London -- loss was reported. They've also replaced on an injury as chief investment officers since that fateful trading loss. The double the exact is seen as the best candidate to succeed Jamie Dimon CEO. -- -- -- Blackstone ducked out of the Dell deal but Barron's saying investors stand to make a profit. Shares dropped to a two month low after the PE firm pulled out. Parents as Dell shares now appealing because investors can make a small profit if the Michael Dell offered gets approved. You can't count how Carl Icahn now Barrett says -- an opera from activist investor doesn't emerge. Analysts see Dell shares falling as low as ten bucks. That's your Monday morning call remembered follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get more media at Reuters dot com slash later. I was very hard it.

U.S. Morning Call: Will Chrysler escape the Europe scourge?

Monday, Apr 29, 2013 - 03:05

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