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Pro-Russian rebel commander acknowledges fighters had BUK missile

Thursday, Jul 24, 2014 - 02:25

A pro-Russian rebel leader in eastern Ukraine says he believes separatists possessed BUK anti-aircraft missiles, thought by Washington to be the type used to shoot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

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-- I knew that a book came from the -- at the time I was told that book was coming from gone sky under the flag of the LA and up towards nation. I do not know about his book a good about it. Told. Him he wouldn't. -- -- -- With a new -- -- -- I think it was brought back. I found out about it when I found out that this tragedy happened most likely was brought back in order to conceal the evidence of its presence. But to understand this question should be looked at in this context it -- you crying in advance had the information that the rebels. Thanks to Russia had this kind of weapon and not only did they do nothing to ensure the safety. The -- provoked usage of this kind of weapon against applying with civilians which was flying by. It's. Took -- to go into the. The thing is that it's a battle zone occupied by outside speak partners in this rebel movement that we have very little cooperation with. We do not know for sure or exactly what resources they had if they did or didn't have it. If there's proof that they did then there's no argument about that I'm not impostor. I'm a terrorist separatist member of the militia wanna -- wanna calling therefore I'm biased. I'm forced to site won't protect the party that I represent. Even I'm I think different states different and fielded -- and this makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable. They knew that there is a -- I knew that was heading this nation venues -- it would be used to. So what a -- to -- over its owners of these. Yeah they provide the usage for example by. Starting to attack the objects that they donated holes some okay but they had been attacked pipelines for we are hopeful that. And on that diet I pushed so high growth and at the moment of attack at the moment of the civilian plane flying. They were attacking -- mogul so even if there wasn't an even if it had been used -- Ukraine did everything for the civilian plane to be shocked that. It's gonna hurt pro. -- also some until you. -- -- -- -- -- -- And thus it is won't we because it is a boom boom remedial school progressives or that the won't sugar provides some of you.

Pro-Russian rebel commander acknowledges fighters had BUK missile

Thursday, Jul 24, 2014 - 02:25

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