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Europe Day Ahead: FED QE ease-up looks unlikely

Tuesday, Apr 30, 2013 - 01:52

April 30 - The focus is on the FED on Wednesday as markets watch to see whether it pulls back on QE. Plus GB manufacturing PMIs and Labour Day strikes.

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Focus on the Fed Wednesday as investors -- to see whether it pulls back on monetary stimulus. -- week's GDP data showed a rise of two and a half percent in Q1. Well below analysts' estimates 3% -- says. The reducing QE now would risk weakening the economy fed currently buying 85 billion dollars worth of bonds every month. And as expects to maintain that pace skilling and company partner Paul Kavanagh says chairman Ben Bernanke may want to ease off. His hands -- time for now. It's proven to be sufficient to possibly maintain a sense of stabilization in world economy is. Which is allowing some free some for business to sort of and stocks -- Adjust to a new environment but it's certainly not others for doing it to the points that we -- seeing inflation expectations of interest rate expectations moving up for the moment. So I think from Ben Bernanke's point here at the moment the harsh reality is that he's going to have to keep going. UK manufacturing PMI us -- April -- -- tomorrow policy the sector continuing to contract with the sub fifty reading. A forty Jane Hall from also improvements on march's 48 point three. A damn -- for UK prime minister David Cameron and finance minister George -- is marriage is go to the polls and local elections. A surging anti European movement means the Conservative Party faces seeing the center right vote split. As it battles to stop supporters defecting to the UK independence off. May Day demonstrations expected in Greece's unions call for strikes and anti austerity protests the Greek parliament. It's pushing through more spending cuts as part of Sunday's deal to secure for an eight point nine billion in bailout lends. And Britain's biggest trade unions discuss whether to -- a general strike every government constant pension issues. That's all round up of Wednesday's -- so -- problems -- guns.

Europe Day Ahead: FED QE ease-up looks unlikely

Tuesday, Apr 30, 2013 - 01:52

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