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Consumer web buying spree drives growth - UPS CEO

Wednesday, May 01, 2013 - 02:48

UPS CEO Scott Davis says the firm's recent 4% volume growth has been fueled by online shopping and better conditions in Europe and Asia. Reuters speaks to Davis at the White House after a jobs-for-veterans event.

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That does -- -- that the White House we're joined today by UPS -- CEO Scott Davis mr. Davis thanks very much for joining sphere Jeff. You are here today as part of an initiative on veterans help a little bit about what you yet is planning to view on that joining forces. We think is it is a great program and it it's all about hiring veterans who have a lot of veterans coming back from. Yeah Iraq war in Afghanistan and winding down the Specter -- million veterans coming back -- next several years. We need to find jobs these people they're they're great -- great leadership skills. Again great work ethic then up lots of company so I UPS were -- 5000 veterans over the next five years. Today we have 44000 on the payrolls below 10% of our payroll we find them -- it's great employees and managers of the company. At that point right -- and then on top of that when he port 5000 -- for those who have today. There's hope that they bring it through and employer like UPS and general thing that you're thinking -- definitely be across the board mechanic you can. Certainly officers that leadership skills. Electricians unit -- a lot of lot of opportunities there. Well just -- we do lot logistics -- service as we are deceased obviously it helps a lot. And in terms of -- defections bring you that the time when everyone particularly here at the White House is hoping the economy will improve. If that's the way to do that. Well I think the we -- things in this country to help the economy improvements start with decision makers in Washington. You know this debt ceiling has been been lingering for a prolonged period time and and that holds back fire holds back investment I think -- -- in small medium sized enterprises and it is too much uncertainty. We eliminates it was a certainty. You know get some scissors Nate Washington on this long term loans debt ceiling a big solution. So -- Simpson -- proposed a couple of years ago. I think you can tell us economy and a faster growth. What's your take on a macro economic situation right now it feels Jeff like slow growth economy very solar last year we're seeing in the US and around 2%. Global GDP probably two and a half percent so again you're flat US growth is slow pace in the emerging markets two of the better hours and yes. Not that we had a better earnings last week we make outperformed expectations. Volume growth that's a pretty good or 4% driven by business consumer. Internet -- -- shopping before shop on the Internet there should be mortgaged their house is it's benefiting UPS. You mentioned here how generally we think here this is doing work toward helping the deal. He's he's going Italy and I think there there are issues I think it feels better in Europe now than it did a year ago. They took you borrow or there's little less risk we saw a year ago.

Consumer web buying spree drives growth - UPS CEO

Wednesday, May 01, 2013 - 02:48

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