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Techquity: Google's tax issue, Facebook number to watch

Wednesday, May 01, 2013 - 03:39

May 1 - Reuters investigation leads to more scrutiny of Google's tax practices. Plus, the key number to watch in Facebook's latest earnings report.

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And taxing issue for Google. Reuters investigation leads to more scrutiny of the search -- tax payments. In the UK. Who told government panel November's low tax payments to these few results from the fact that its employees there don't sell anything. Executives and sales are handled by the European headquarters in Ireland. However Reuters found the company's website in the UK claims sales teams are based in London and advertises jobs for London based sales staff. Interviews with customers and former -- indicate sales are taking place in the UK as well. Google calls the story misleading but the head of the government panel plans to bring back Google and slaughtered to address these issues. Shares down fractionally today in line with the overall market. FaceBook and dozens of banks asked the federal judge to toss out a lawsuit that accused of misleading investors. FaceBook which produces what roadshow video for the investing public reports IPO says. It's not required to publicly disclose how increased mobile usage what impact future revenue. Even if they provide that information to analysts. The defendants say the SEC does not require -- to publicly disclose such information because it could hurt their ability to raise money in an IPO. The group of investors who filed that -- it all pose base spokesman to have litigation business. Facebook's not dropped after when Republicans still only 27% below its offering price now. All of this comes just ahead of Facebook's first quarter earnings after the market close. Analysts predict the social networking giant will report profit of twelve cents a share on revenue of one point 43 billion dollars. What -- securities' Michael actors as investors wanted to know just how much mobile is contributing to Facebook's top line. How much of their revenue comes from mobile. The streets at about 26%. Of advertising revenue from mobile. Again that sounds reasonable I think -- it's significantly below that of its -- 23% I think market won't like it but. My biases that probably is 26% or higher. Ahead of its results FaceBook is flat trading south of 28 dollars this year. T-Mobile US has closed one deal but it could -- look for another. The stock making its debut on the New York Stock Exchange after combining with MetroPCS. Germany's Deutsche Telekom -- 74% T-Mobile which is -- fourth largest US wireless provider. New CEO John ledger focusing on building up the brands but also sees more consolidation. Happening in the industry. I'd be interested on the behalf of customers and shareholders to consider alternatives in the future of course but again it's very important. T-Mobile is coming from a position of strength. From a position of role and position of customers but is there are possibilities for us to do things highly innovative to accelerate the consolidations and at some point. Yes. Shares of the stock up more than 5%. Story inspiring times are a look at movers story is Trulia. The real estate search engine posted higher than predicted quarterly revenue as a -- increased traffic from mobile devices shares up 13%. And sputtering garment profit missed forecasts as revenue from its -- GPS business declined further shares down 4%. That's kept putting this Wednesday remember you can falls on Twitter at RT RS equity. I'm Fred Katayama this is what.

Techquity: Google's tax issue, Facebook number to watch

Wednesday, May 01, 2013 - 03:39

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