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U.S. Day Ahead: GM's European headache to get worse

Wednesday, May 01, 2013 - 02:18

May 1 - Expect to see more weakness in General Motors European sales when it reports earnings, according to Reuters Ben Klayman.

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Don't be fooled by General Motors success in the US ahead -- its earnings on Thursday its shares are up and over 30% in the last year. But could come under severe pressure because of weakness in Europe. It's been a disaster there for the auto industry. And while everyone expects a loss for Jim I think the consensus is around -- slightly more than fourteen million. They wanna see that GM is getting its hands -- on the problem. If things are deteriorating from here before has already warned it's gonna lose two billion this year in Europe. And people wanna know that you know GM has got things under control there. In fact analysts have been flashing GM's profit estimates by 14% over the last three months he had reports before DO. Expect AIG to lay the foundation for a dividend announcement when it reports earnings its shares have soared over 20% in the last year after boss Bob and machine that 2013. Would be the year investors are rewarded. There's a lot of chatter for example analyst at William Blair saying we could see a dividend by third quarter. As well as a two billion dollar stock buy back in the second half of the year. Recently the largest US life insurer MetLife raised its quarterly dividend by almost 50%. The first time in six years. Expect to see more signs of healing in the labor market with first time jobless claims. New claims are expected to fall to 345000. Not below in this year's average. Your aging agent is 360000. That level would mark a return to last year's and meaningful labor market for. And investors will digest the latest numbers from FaceBook and it beat on revenue with one point 46 billion dollars compared to estimates of one point 44 million dollars. Profits came and more or less in line with expectations. We'll have more reaction on Thursday. Follow us on Twitter at Reuters -- get more of our video that Reuters dot com slash writers TV. If you had cash pile of 145. Billion dollars when you. Well apple and we'll explain why it makes perfect sense for the tech giant to -- -- -- to help get us through. I'm putting on this -- writer.

U.S. Day Ahead: GM's European headache to get worse

Wednesday, May 01, 2013 - 02:18

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