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Techquity: Liking but not loving Facebook, Yippee for Yelp

Thursday, May 02, 2013 - 03:06

May 2 - Facebook outperforms mobile advertising target but analysts only slightly boost price targets. Yelp revenue grows and stock soars.

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Thirty feet 26. We're talking about percent of revenue for FaceBook coming from mobile. What was channels Michael -- said 26%. Was a number to be as something like 23% will be at this point it. No worries there FaceBook hit 30% when its quarterly results that help partially offset higher spending which impacted profits. Also user engagement remain strong Wall Street. Not exactly jumping for joy with a quarter. Take a look at these price target moves analysts slightly increasing them though they remain well below IPO price of thirty bucks for nearly a year ago. Shares are up 4% but still below thirty dollars they were above that level earlier and 2013. Growth of mobile ads help -- beat the street on revenues and the consumer reviews site projected revenues for the second quarter that also surpassed forecasts. That's sparked a buying frenzy among investors. Yeltsin has more than a third of its local average on mobile devices a big increase from 25% in the previous quarter. Also served more as users of its mobile app. That now helps people discover local restaurants stores and other businesses offers reviews and information based on their locations. -- a company lost money in the march quarter but that loss narrowed sharply to four point eight million dollars. At least eight adults up their price targets the stock jumping 25%. Today it's up roughly 65%. This year. Our best of the rest and now. Which went inside Intel -- -- CEO they're disappointed some investors have been hoping for an outsider shake up the -- world's largest chipmaker. CEO Brian presents war plays Paul Otellini in the corner office on May sixteenth. Intel had said last November that it might consider -- without a current connections in the company. Some analysts say Intel needs an aggressive change agent given its missteps under Otellini drain. Intel missed out on the mobile revolution. Underestimated the fall off PC demand and it's ultra book laptops prove ultra boring judging by its sales. -- has worked at -- for three decades you'll get a pay package worth ten million dollars. Now that equity -- reports that isn't changing much in value today. Intel stock has flat. But it's down 15%. Over the last twelve months. Story inspiring time our look at other movers story is seagate tech. The hard disk drive maker posted quarterly results that beat estimates and said it expects demand and pricing to rise in the second half of the year. Shares up 7% to 52 week and sputtering Newport Corp. The supplier of technology products the size and defense field reporting results that missed forecasts on lower demand. That's equity this Thursday from everything falls on Twitter RT RS template. I'm Fred I am glad this is --

Techquity: Liking but not loving Facebook, Yippee for Yelp

Thursday, May 02, 2013 - 03:06

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