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The Great Grey Catastrophe

Wednesday, May 01, 2013 - 02:29

May 2 - A quirky visual depiction of the ticking time bomb that Europe is facing - not the debt crisis, but how to pay for its growing elderly population.

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Get zero granddad sipping his seem like he wouldn't hurt a fly -- beneath this -- -- so worried some problem. A ticking time bomb that may one day explode -- open space available for a granddad was born in the post war baby room when all of Europe was asked. This new century such as trickled into -- 21 century trounce. Leaving -- a growing rates of over 65 is relying on a dwindling workforce to look off to them. In 92 when granddad was moving out to the suburbs the EU had over 21 -- to every 100 potential workers. But by 2012. Rose to almost 27. And with birth rates falling and health care improving. Predicted to rise to over fifty when ground that makes it's -- 100 and fine. That gives Europe just to potential breadwinners for every old age pension. The station is particularly according Germany where rates are set to rise cost fifty gates when a course spot is nearing his last bought stopped. Germany needs to throw creating. -- child care provisions attending the Germans are. And even family friendly policies seem geared toward mothers who stay at home. A -- rewrite it you say as its young flee the country instead of wealth and happiness. Policymakers as they are talking about an -- suspension parts of the population. Meanwhile the elderly just keep getting old dot making -- we have favorites to win and Europe vision Silva -- contest ranked 2060. So what can be done. Like many aging nations Latvia has tried to stop the wrought by raising the tension managed. But it's home to get elected by inviting the keenness to voted to suspend their seventies working in -- incentives. -- nations like Sweden who also trying to dismantle this over time bomb with a apply as of procreation. And should be sitting received when more -- celebrates his eightieth. Their success lies and aggressive to trial cat and to -- some sweets it's it's open immigration. The question is kill other nations followed -- opened the borders raised their retirement ages. It's a tough sell for leaders already lose far harsher austerity. The stinks hardy. With fewer workers to pay for more tension has not and his granddad generous helping of tea and biscuits in Dallas. But any GDP growth the complete for them.

The Great Grey Catastrophe

Wednesday, May 01, 2013 - 02:29

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