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U.S. Day Ahead: Jobs report expected to get even gloomier

Thursday, May 02, 2013 - 02:42

May 2 - Non-farm payrolls look like they will come in at an anemic 145 thousand for April according to the latest Reuters poll. But focus on the long-term unemployed.

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We heard slower and softer and those are the adjective is being used by economists to describe expectations for Friday's jobs report. According to the latest Reuters poll the economy will only -- an anemic 145000. Jobs in April. That may be the vast improvement from the previous month dismal numbers but still well below the average for the first quarter. And things could get worse here's brighter economic editor Dan burns. While the headline unemployment numbers come down substantially in the last several months -- is someone loses their job the day on average is gonna be out of work 37 weeks for a little more than that -- nearly nine months. And in fact that trend is worsened over the last. To payrolls reports. And it's really indicative of just sluggish this recovery is particularly for the employment -- We've asked our followers on Twitter -- their predictions Reuters columnist -- stopped how to -- 1171000. Another tweet comes from progressive man she's -- and ninety K and is blaming austerity. And we'll have more now this for you Friday at 9:30 AM eastern when we speak to hot climate hand analysts. What does Berkshire Hathaway and if that have a comment. They don't print money and the conglomerate owned by Warren Buffett has been beating the market up 30% in the last year. Wall Street's betting Berkshire's profits will soared 15% from a year ago when it reports on Friday but the markets still feel -- They've tried and failed last year lost a couple of twenty billion dollar plus deals. And he said that he couldn't pull one of those off last year they would have to try and -- a thirty billion dollar deal this year. -- should be something in order of sales FedEx or John Deere and HP something on the side his right. You also get warned that its annual letter to shareholders. And lots note he told investors US stock on the hunt for -- wasn't Alan. UST -- and iron and three isn't only exciting for comic book fans but also an investor in Disney studio behind it and try. Goldman Sachs analyst recommended a long position on the stock partly based on how much the movie could -- It's already raked in 21 million dollars in its first day in China according to reports. We'll hear more from Disney and its earnings on Tuesday ahead of the release Disney's soaring nearly 45%. Over the last year. Follow us on Twitter at writers and fighter and get more of our video that Reuters dot com slash Ritter's TV I'm putting mom this is greater.

U.S. Day Ahead: Jobs report expected to get even gloomier

Thursday, May 02, 2013 - 02:42

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