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Europe Week Ahead: No stimulus please, we’re British

Friday, May 03, 2013 - 02:10

May 3 - A Bank of England policy decision looms but analysts are betting against any fresh stimulus, while a G7 meeting in London may also produce little drama. French bank earnings also due.

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London takes center stage on next week's rescue men run down -- policy decision Jews from the Bank of England Thursday. But traders are reducing their bets on any fresh stimulus measures better than expected PMI numbers this week -- a sense the economy is gaining a little momentum. Meanwhile G-7 finance ministers and Central Bank has -- in London at the end of the week tax invasion the official agenda or racism. But the meeting is likely to see the next round of austerity -- is great debates. -- resultant short but I maybe almost alone in the austerity corner of the attention is likely to be on Italy's new finance minister. Seven year old Fabrizio -- Omani. Making his very first official foray. And the role. Strategist Fred Goodwin from State Street says markets aren't expecting too much stuff. Certainly for the G-7 when you have the the finance minister maybe there's a there's hope for some sort of substantial agreement that they seem to be mostly spending their time working on the the statement -- it and I do think anything substantive so I'm not great expectations that. Then be up more drama earlier in the week and finance ministers from France and Germany hold their -- mideast summit in Berlin fronts is lukewarm enthusiasm for reform. And Germany's waning interest in the proposed banking union likely to be the sticking points that. Have you -- the oceans to keep an eye out sep four in the dark sentiment from setting BJP is Monday want Germany auctions fine billion euros a five year debt on Wednesday. And Italy's new finance minister will be keeping an -- on Friday sale of short term test. Had a set to be another busy week for European earnings of choosing looking to key day. Number is shoot that today from major lenders including comments bank Societe Generale and Credit Agricole. Analysts watching to see if the French you can follow launch arrival BNP Paribas in -- full cost. Later in the week what's happened -- from firms including Deutsche Telekom saints Brees when he credits. And arsenal Mattel. That's all of -- to next week's market moving events. I -- proposes license.

Europe Week Ahead: No stimulus please, we’re British

Friday, May 03, 2013 - 02:10

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