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Israel deploys Iron Dome batteries to north

Sunday, May 05, 2013 - 01:47

May 5 - Two ''Iron Dome'' anti missile batteries were deployed in northern Israel on Sunday (May 5) local media reported. Deborah Gembara reports.

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Northern Israel --- where two new Iron Dome anti-missile batteries have been moved. The military says they positioned them there based on a routine operational assessment. Asked when they were moved, the military refused to offers specifics. While the Israeli government has confirmed carrying out an airstrike on missiles in Syria that were meant to arm Lebanon's Hezbollah, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made no mention of it on Sunday. President Obama defended Israel's actions. SOUNDBITE: U.S. President Barack Obama saying: "What I have said in the past and I continue to believe is that the Israelis justifiably have to guard against the transfer of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like Hezbollah. Hezbollah has repeatedly said that they would be willing to attack as far as Tel Aviv, and so the Israelis have to be vigilant and they have to be concerned. With respect to the larger issue of Syria, as I said yesterday, I don't take any options off the table as commander in chief. Circumstances can change, you never know what contingencies you have to deal with. But what I do know is that I cannot see a scenario right now in which American boots on the ground would make any sense. And I cannot see a scenario in which actually the Syrian people would benefit from American boots on the ground. The only Israeli official to talk about the missle strike at all was Tourism Minister Uzi Landau, who spoke in general terms. SOUNDBITE: MINISTER OF TOURISM, UZI LANDAU, SAYING: "It is vital for the security and stability of the Middle East that no weapons of mass destruction spill over to the hands of terror organizations." While Israel and Syria have had frosty relations for decades, Israel fears the impact that more instability in Damascus could have on Hezbollah. Smoke coming from Syria --- these images were captured in the Golan Heights. It isn't clear what caused the explosion.

Israel deploys Iron Dome batteries to north

Sunday, May 05, 2013 - 01:47

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