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Techquity: Cosying up to Apple, Google living the high-life

Monday, May 06, 2013 - 04:11

May 6 - Analyst and value investor sing Apple's praises while Google hits another high.

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Up 20% with nearly 20% more room to run. Apple now getting a boost from Barclays after the stock has run up 20% from its low. Investment bank raising its price target of 525. Dollars from 465. Dollars -- close to 20% above were closed Friday. The bank had been cutting its target for months which is still way above the actual price now trying to get ahead of the action. Barkley believes its estimate for gross margins are conservative. It sees apple changing the narrative on a company can new products from talk about it struggles and it's cash -- Barkley is also thinks the stock buy -- one -- shirt more than it originally thought. Apple's also getting more attention from -- unlikely crowd. Value investors yes now we asked attendees at a week and -- compass before the Berkshire Hathaway meeting what's the best Value Line. We think it's apple. And we think it's a classic definition of deep value the stock has been hammered. We think the company is going to be growth here than what the market expects. And current valuations there's we believe much more upside than downside. Yes you heard it right he did -- growth the year when your investors now consider GE a growth stock. What's -- -- apple there are more than 2% and are now above 460. Chalk one up for apple and its legal battle against Google -- even ruled against -- Motorola mobility. Seeing it might have been misused its patents to hold up apple in Germany. Motorola had sought and enforce an injunction against apple the block -- from using patents need for mobile phone standards. The New York Times sports these preliminary ruling could lead to anti trust charges. When Google may be trying to extract more money by -- viewers the Financial Times reports as close to launching a subscription service for some of its YouTube video channels. Such a move would enable you to -- get revenues from. Two sources just like cable TV. Advertising and subscriptions. The FT says as many as fifty YouTube channels could become part of the pace service and he's access each channel be as low as two dollars a month. It wouldn't compete with the likes of Netflix and Hulu. Google shares hitting an all time high again near 859. Bucks earlier today not close at 855. Up 1%. Yet another sign that Amazon may be getting ready to south Kindle devices in China. Amazon launched an android store in China for paid apps over the weekend it's the first one by a western company. Google already runs and android store there but it only offers free apps. This move comes months after Amazon -- Kindle e-book store in the world's largest mobile phone market but it hasn't yet offered its. Apple rules the tablet market in China but Amazon's Kindle fire tablets could appeal to the budget minded crowd if they were lodged. Amazon's stock is down less than 1% at 255 dollars of stock has been flat this year. BMC software is going the way of -- -- prize that. Bain Capital gold State Capitol golden gate capital around it leading a group taking the company off the public markets for six point nine billion dollars. Analysts say the move should help the company make necessary changes away from public scrutiny. The offer price is 4625. A share less than a 2% premium to Friday's close shares or roughly flat. -- inspiring time our look at movers sorting is coyotes the semiconductor company upgraded to outperform from neutral -- Shares up 8% to a 52 week. And sputtering is guidance software Raymond James cut its price target to ten dollars from twelve. This comes after noble financial cut its rating to hold last week. Shares down 5%. And that's equity this Monday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RT RS Catholic. I'm Fred Katayama and this is world.

Techquity: Cosying up to Apple, Google living the high-life

Monday, May 06, 2013 - 04:11

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