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Ohio women rescued, suspects in custody: police

Tuesday, May 07, 2013 - 03:16

May 7 - Cleveland Deputy Police Chief Ed Tomba answers media questions a day after the discovery of three women in a Cleveland house, who vanished as teenagers about a decade ago. Authorities were alerted to their whereabouts by a frantic emergency call from one of them, Amanda Berry, moments after she was freed from the house by a neighbor who said he heard screaming and came to her aid. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

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You know combat that you know that hasn't been determined also I have to tell you that though we are very very. Careful with the interview process last night so that's going to be an ongoing process today when we have our expert come -- From the FBI there and do a little more in depth interviews and I'm sure over the as time goes by they'll be more information. That will be provided. From the young -- just as as to exactly what took place your outlook on. Your name and Gary. Why it was. Presently about. No number one he was. Interviewed extensively. Relative to this complain that we he was not a suspect in any other complaint this was a he was a bus driver. Who inadvertently so he says left the kid on a bus went in for lunch break came back and then found the young man number two. -- our policies are. Solid our policies have been revamped over the last few years we're constantly looking at those policies in a way to. Improve them. Number three I can tell you as being part of this division for the last twenty years and being very very involved. In this over the last ten years that. The amount of effort the amount of leads the amount of work hours and dedication that went into this I've never seen it before over the last ten years every single lead was followed up. No matter how small as a lot of you know -- room. We dug up a couple backyards we -- campus neighborhoods. We had vigils we participated in national missing children's day along with the FBI. So on our goal was to get them back safely the real hero here is Amanda. I mean. She is the real hero I mean she's the one that got this -- You know we're just we're we're we're following her lead without her none of us would be here today. -- so that again. -- the they cannot actually came out of the house wants to police. Approached and got into the got into the residence but Amanda was one that came out under the street. Amanda was vote one that generated the 9/11 call. Zone car responded along with a couple detectives and they came out of the house they they didn't have to go in the house -- conform. Now they came out of the house on her -- yet. -- yes yes there was -- that child in the house is that what you're asking about the younger yes we believe that that is Amanda's dog yes. Yes yeah. So we were. When he answered error and -- don't. Get that -- that's on going week we have to do some yeah.

Ohio women rescued, suspects in custody: police

Tuesday, May 07, 2013 - 03:16

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