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Syrian Electronic Army more savvy than skilled - cybersecurity expert

Wednesday, May 08, 2013 - 02:18

Cyber security expert Jeffrey Carr, of Taia Global, says the Syrian Electronic Army's recent behavior suggests their ability to command attention far exceeds their skills or potential danger as cyber hackers.

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The goal that your electronic -- this decade the the intentions of the current president of Syria and Algerian government but site itself in the behavior. The Syrian electronic army she just said it's mostly group group of young volunteers. There's a total of nine Internet service providers and Syria and so one of them -- net. All of those -- for the ministry of defense that same company does the posting for the Syrian electronic army. Regarding some of the reason hacking in the most recent of course it is published body which was. Compromise in the onions. Twitter if somebody had -- humor. You know that they think they parody site it's kind of -- which would -- tribute to the idea that these -- young people. Jordanians. This group mr. electronic permeated and -- do whatever they feel like to him. In terms -- made him. Other more serious. Impacts. Tax -- electronic earned most famously was a significant drop in the Dow Wednesday. Have the DP. Twitter account and announced that the White House -- that it does to President Obama had been injured. How lucky that Twitter account that doesn't really require a high level of technical knowledge but that was organize more regular fashion. But could that it affected by casting doubt. The media and on the these days like make every attack as significant as the AP attack quite quiet because Justin Bieber. You know or the onion you know admitted that it W you know that it is certainly. -- -- visibility in the media that contribute to remain remain on the front page if the Syrian electronic army had the ability. It's actually kind of trade target web site or back. Page US or else other allied government. Military commander control and cause. Significant problems. Now would be the time but I couldn't do them maturing government is really has barely. Hanging -- the fact that they haven't. Suggested they don't have the capability of doing.

Syrian Electronic Army more savvy than skilled - cybersecurity expert

Wednesday, May 08, 2013 - 02:18

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