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Techquity: Facebook doing Cartwheel with Target, AOL's woes

Wednesday, May 08, 2013 - 03:06

May 8 - Facebook teams up with Target on new discount program while AOL sinks on questions about its content businesses.

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Face aiming for a -- The social network teaming up with target to drive more traffic to its source. The -- worked for about a year to develop cartwheels which is available starting today. The program requires users to sign into their FaceBook account to select deals which they can take advantage of only in stores. Consumers bring bar codes on their phones or a piece of paper to a target to get their discounts. Once collected online -- shown to a user's FaceBook friends and users are more offers of their friends sign up. But don't worry that coupon for depends you clicked on won't get broadcast your friends many personal items are kept Friday. First thinks that it's just the latest attempt to grow its advertising business and prove its worth to advertisers. But with video ads reportedly on the way among other changes would also turn off fans of the social work. Shares up 1% today above 27 dollars. Another company still trying to figure out how to drive consistent returns online is AOL. One of the best of the -- display advertising group but the main profit driver continues to be the shrinking legacy dial up business. You remember that now on its -- to the ears of AOL executives. Analyst expressing concerns though about its ability to profit from its contents business like online news site Huffington Post and acts. It reported a five million dollar operating loss from its median -- The stock is down about 8% but still trading in the top half of its range over the past year. One business that has been growing his real estate homes doesn't pick up across the U hasn't taken real estate related companies along for the ride. Like Villa. The real estate website posted quarterly revenue above estimates and raised its fully year revenue forecast. It gets most of its sales from agents to lift their properties on its site. Shares down about 10% on concerns of an increase in marketing costs -- critics torture. Goldman Sachs use the move is necessary but cut its rating to neutral saying the stock's strong appreciation may not last. Competitors really down about 8%. In an ounce to 355. Million dollar deal to buy real estate software company market leader. Soaring inspiring time. Our look at today's movers sort of electronic arts the video game publisher forecast fiscal when he fourteen results of bond street expectations. Mostly on cost cutting panic selling digital sales. Shares up over 15%. Honoring its fusion I. The memory drive makers said the company's founders its CEO chief marketing officer have resigned to set up another venture. The stock is getting crushed on the news is down 26%. That's tech would be this Wednesday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RT RS tech when he. I'm Sharon writes this is Reuters.

Techquity: Facebook doing Cartwheel with Target, AOL's woes

Wednesday, May 08, 2013 - 03:06

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