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U.S. Day Ahead: Chain store sales expected to jump in April

Wednesday, May 08, 2013 - 02:15

May 8 - The unusually cold weather throughout much of the U.S. abated during April, unleashing consumers back to the malls. Analysts expect the pent-up demand to benefit retailers.

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Let's run down your top three stories for tomorrow's starting with retail sales from the country's largest chains are owned Thomson Reuters analysts expect same store sales to jump four point 3% in April. That's a huge improvement from last April's point 8%. One reason for the strong month is that the Easter Bunny came early this year one week early so most stores were open for an -- -- in April compared to last year. The -- analysts also note that the and usually cold weather in March turned warmer April sending consumers back to the malls and to chains like Costco and Wal-Mart. That pent up demand should have boosted those retailers -- -- into dish network's earnings call tomorrow CEO Charlie Ergen is expected to be on the conference call. Investors will shortly ask if there's any progress in this is 25 point five billion dollar bid for sprint. -- competing with Softbank CEO Masayoshi -- own. -- by the wireless provider he is in the US this week to meet Sprint's major shareholders trying to drum up support for the Japanese company's takeover bid. Dishes higher -- is for the whole company while soft banks dating just force 70%. And if you're hoping to collect on Apple's increased three dollars and five cents a share dividend Tom black. The deadline to get in on that pay out is tomorrow meaning your last chance to buy apple before it goes active today. There's been speculation about the stocks rally in the last few weeks and some portion of that run up could have to do with accumulating shares ahead of the dividend deadline. If that's true expect shares to level off. The 15% dividend hikes sat well with David Einhorn who had sued the company he increase his position in apple this week. With summer knocking will hear from The travel website has. Beat earnings estimates in each of the past four quarters analysts say Priceline has set itself apart by having a larger international network of travel that's ancient. Shares are up 15% so far this year. Follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get more of our video that Reuters dot com -- British TV I'm Heidi mom this is --

U.S. Day Ahead: Chain store sales expected to jump in April

Wednesday, May 08, 2013 - 02:15

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