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Europe Day Ahead: Finance chiefs flock to London for G7

Thursday, May 09, 2013 - 02:40

May 9 - Banking and finance reforms top the agenda for finance ministers and central bankers of G7 nations meeting in London this weekend, while UK's Cameron heads to Russia to talk Syria with Vladimir Putin.

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Last several weeks and lots of events in the Daria London the center of attention. As G-7 finance ministers and central bankers meet parents of -- today the case George Osborne hoping to put banking and finance reforms top of the agenda. Cyprus is -- a meltdown we'll still be fresh in the minds of many more than -- in stuff. The global discussion is going to remain very much on growth and attempts at trying gets a growth moving basically I think they will -- rates once again that -- regards to currencies. And that's we'll see -- competitive devaluation should be avoided. But they didn't seem to be quite flexible when it comes to domestic monetary policy in the impact of -- could have on currencies. British prime minister David Cameron leaving the capital -- jetting off to Russia tomorrow to meet Vladimir Putin the Russian premier summer home in sought sheet. -- looks like you to top the agenda that Cameron said on Wednesday evidence was growing the Syrian government was using chemical weapons. Russia I don't know which China has vetoed three UN Security Council resolutions cost officer and present much buckshot Assad. Not much on the data front but still a couple of things and account for UK trade balance data from launches GO Reuters poll of economists expect slowing growth. Of the deficit compared to February the trade gap still seen growing by nine billion pounds however. Meanwhile trade data usage out of Germany growth in the -- Sampras for Europe's powerhouse economy seeing slowing but still expanding. At sports and important -- how privacy and improving according to a poll. Data that last month showed imports fell sharply in February the third time in four months while exports and so declined. Great good outings to Friday as well also -- Mittal reports Q1 numbers tomorrow the world's largest steelmaker expects to report a 31%. Decline in core profit. 21 point 36 billion. That's according to the average estimate of -- -- seven join us at 630 GMT. Tomorrow morning for a look at why the company still faces a tough road ahead when it comes improving its operating margins international airlines group also reports Q1. The under is a British Airways and Iberia said yesterday that air traffic for April was down five point 6% year on yet. The FT also reported that caps off an approach -- AG -- formal offer to become the company's largest shareholder. Buying the 12% stake county held by Spanish and a nine Kia. That's it make sure you -- -- -- box on why Europe is falling out of love with -- Europe. That's on the platform right now I'm -- problem this is runs.

Europe Day Ahead: Finance chiefs flock to London for G7

Thursday, May 09, 2013 - 02:40

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