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Techquity: Clues about cheaper iPhone; Facebook deal talk

Thursday, May 09, 2013 - 03:34

May 9 - Apple supplier ramps up hiring while Facebook reportedly considers a $1 billion acquisition.

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More clues about a cheaper iPhone. Taiwan based had to -- as it will boost its workforce 40% in the second half of the year. The announcement from the company which builds iphones ipads as fuel speculation that a cheaper version of the Smartphone is in the works. Broker BMO thinks so and season new phone entering mass production in the third quarter in -- -- the most as -- -- -- cheaper phone make it. 30% of iPhone sales by the fourth quarter. Lower cost iPhone is viewed as a way for apple to boost its market share in China and other emerging markets. Apple shares roughly flat today near 460. Bucks. That apple phone definitely will not be as cheap as Facebook's. AT&T slashed the price of HTC first phone 99%. Down from 99 dollars to 99 cents. And this comes just weeks after launch the phone that's the latest sign that Facebook's much -- software home screen that HTC phone features. Has not been a date it. The home app for android has gotten bad reviews from users. Aiming to beef up its mobile offerings FaceBook isn't tops of my car navigation start ways the business Dayton daily countless as. Facebook's offering up to one billion dollars for the Israeli company. -- uses satellite signals from members Smartphones to generate real time traffic data that have been shared with other drivers it tripled the number of users last year 45 million. Back in January you -- or all of Apple's reportedly in talks to byways. After users complained about its mapping software with officials would not comment on the report. FaceBook is up just under 1% trading north of 27 dollars. Our best of the rest Microsoft may show a lot more money for books and books. Techcrunch reports mr. stopping -- opera billion dollars for all of the digital assets of new media. The reports suggested -- would abandon its tablet business. It was unclear if the deal would include -- stagnating college bookstore chain. Microsoft will -- -- it. 40% less than when -- body of 18% stake in it last year but what was analyst Alan Rifkin -- that even that lower valuation one billion is higher than. His estimate given -- forced sales performance. Just last week Barnes & Noble cut the -- its top selling tablet by 13. One risk to the deal Credit Suisse points out that John Malone's Liberty Media which owns a stake in the could block a deal. Barnes & Noble would not comment on the report and -- itself was not immediately available. Barnes & Noble stock. Rose 18%. Partly on the notion that this deal could help other potential deals such as Barnes and -- chairman's plan to -- the bookstore chain. Microsoft stock shed half a percent. Soaring and sputtering time the first story is group mine if you can believe it. The stocks up 10% after the daily deals site beat estimates revenue growth on strong North American sales. Investors hoping this is the first sign of a turn around since ousting of quirky CEO Andrew Mason. Spotter is Rackspace Hosting the company which -- online storage space to businesses forecast revenue below estimates. Prompting three brokerages to cut their rating on the stock though shares down 26%. And -- equity this Thursday remember you can follow us on Twitter RT IRS equity. I'm Fred Katayama and this is what.

Techquity: Clues about cheaper iPhone; Facebook deal talk

Thursday, May 09, 2013 - 03:34

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