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U.S. Day Ahead: Yum sales to plummet in China

Thursday, May 09, 2013 - 01:40

May 9 - From scares over its chicken supply to an outbreak of avian flu, it looks like Yum Brands can't catch a break in China.

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Expect more pain for KFC owner Yum! Brands the company reports its latest Chinese sales on Friday. Those sales are expected to climate by 30% because of the recent outbreak of bird flu. Sales were already hammered -- after last December's food scare. Buckingham research says a turnaround might come by the fourth quarter but shareholders are nervous young stock is severely underperforming the broader market. China makes up more than half of its revenue. We asked our Twitter followers for a second opinion. -- Jolie says sales estimates have been lowered so much they young can meet its targets this quarter. The bad putted tighter leash on financials that chair Ben Bernanke is speaking at a Chicago conference about monitoring to paint me. -- policy -- have already said they should ramp up their capital cushions beyond what is called for under an international agreement. Right now -- need 85%. Offer. They have that any additional dollar in capital they are required to hold translates into ten dollars last -- And it's all about pet food wouldn't call eight -- holds its annual shareholder meeting. -- profits recently met street expectations but analysts are worried about weakness and it's hill's pet food business. Colgate has said he wants to improve the operation with some higher and pet products. Believe stock has soared over 20% in the last year but it's an expensive stock went to PE of around twenty. Follow us on Twitter at readers and tighter and get more of our video that Reuters dot com slash writers TV that he mom this -- --

U.S. Day Ahead: Yum sales to plummet in China

Thursday, May 09, 2013 - 01:40

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