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Europe Week Ahead: G7 - Historic Venue, Modern Problems

Friday, May 10, 2013 - 03:27

May 10 - A look at next week's key events including the weekend G7 meeting, a slew of euro zone GDP data and the first update from Glencore Xstrata.

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G-7 finance chiefs meeting -- seventeenth century historic English -- in this weekend's contemporary issues on the agenda including the end line cost a hundred Abdullah. -- icing consent about ultra loose monetary policy around the wild. Bank of Japan governor Harry could Kuroda he stressed once again that he's not talking to exchange rate. US Treasury Secretary -- warning that America is watching. JPMorgan stab -- argues the yen -- -- week. On the margin yes this makes it a little more difficult for US and particularly German exporters but we don't think it's something that's so fundamental. That warrants are more dramatic response from any of the central banks and also is this something that should unduly. Impact of their earnings for the other exporters they should be able to adjust your profitability to compensate for the appreciation their own currencies. Britain's George possible chance -- told fifteen to focus on what more central banks can do to help grow. And free trade as well as to -- some bank regulation and fight tax avoidance. -- committee hailed former decisions expectant. -- perhaps to get and unanimous from the US and Italy and say good buying its outgoing Bank of England governor Ned and -- GDP -- this from around the Euro symbol because he watched on Wednesday no growth in the region as a whole expected but the pace of contraction. Is full cost it snowed since the end of Q school. Johnny likely leading the way Europe's biggest economy expected to rebound to growth tech -- avoiding recession. And seeing this siege here attack she -- says don't expect. Any downside surprises. As long as they can keep track all the possible signs of recovery on the structural phase. We're stressed this trivialization that I think the market won't be that how disappointed that's my opinion on this one because you are getting some. Good signs of revival for example in Germany and I think that what people are expecting the perpetuation. Of that mode to continue. Other evidence also that price precious and the currency apart. Which is polls show is inflation went into one point 2% in April. Another big he is that think tank that he deadliest month people of -- Eriksson investor sentiment on -- is day. And sixteen rising slightly off to a shot pool in April. Plus in the UK we'll have a jobless -- and Bank of England inflation report. And company use -- cool Xbox it releases its less combines Q1 production -- on Monday. Watching out for more comments on consolidation. It's already -- -- cut costs aggressively. And attend excess cashed in -- to invest it is have a special -- -- report on that. I -- then reports more details on its Q1 on Wednesday. Insurers already flagged its headline number is she one net profit jumped by nearly eight quartet to one point seven beating your days. RWE. ThyssenKrupp and -- People's attack and that report -- expect Q1 thing is from the jamming in Tennessee. Fiscal Q2 results from the steel -- at the world's biggest tour our race. That look ahead to next week I'm Angie and all the -- is --

Europe Week Ahead: G7 - Historic Venue, Modern Problems

Friday, May 10, 2013 - 03:27

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