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Techquity: Big data play for Facebook

Friday, May 10, 2013 - 02:04

May 10 - Reuters Breakingviews Columnist Rob Cyran gives his take on Facebook's potential purchase of Waze and Carl Icahn's latest offer for Dell.

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Finding ways around FaceBook humorous thoughts about Facebook's possible purchase of the Israeli tech company. We told yesterday about a report it was offering a two billion dollars for ways in essence by traffic. Facebook's all about Internet traffic and now once again the car kind. Ways offers -- GPS the cell phone users and they collect stand queries as are and whether they're backed up so why is it worth a billion bucks. Well people who download weighs on their phones give permission to be tracked at -- valuable input for FaceBook which wants to sell location based advertising. What's more ways is business is built on making sense a giant sets of data. FaceBook collects a torrent of data users every day. Social network needs all the helping get turning this information into a bigger business shares today are down 1% -- a bullet twice and bucks. The best the rest -- down between four billion dollar buyout by silver lake and founder Michael Dell still isn't wrapped up. The latest twist Carl -- southeastern asset management had proposed a rival it. With their offer shareholders get to keep their stock and get twelve dollars in cash or more stock. This may sound great compared to silver -- 1213 dollars and 65 cents per share offer but icons got a history of flaky bits that didn't pan out. And the plan would leave investors holding company and a crumbling business for the -- balance sheet. The fact Dell's stock hasn't reacted much trading below thirteen dollars and fifty cents implies investors don't think Icahn's bid has much of -- -- succeeding. Couple chip stocks are soaring and -- today first Nvidia. Graphics chip firm beat street estimates -- posted higher margins. This came even as the PC industry loses ground stops at 4%. And sputtering Tara -- Israeli chip company reported a drop in profit and revenue amid declining sales to micro technology. NASDAQ listed shares -- down 4%. I think we it is Friday -- can call us on Twitter RT RS technique I'm rob Syrian. And this is writers.

Techquity: Big data play for Facebook

Friday, May 10, 2013 - 02:04

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