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U.S. Morning Call: Dell plot thickens with new proposal

Friday, May 10, 2013 - 03:14

May 10 - Activist investor Carl Icahn and Southeastern Asset Management have proposed an alternative to Michael Dell's buyout deal.

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They don't want. It is stacked at the top of your Friday morning call the PC maker's biggest shareholders Carl Icahn in southeastern asset management. Are joining forces to push for another alternative to Michael Dell's buyout plans. Now asking delegate all shareholders the option to keep their positions in the stock. And get an additional twelve dollars a share in cash or stock. Financing for the deal would come from Dell's existing cash and -- yet. I'm in southeastern who own a combined 13% stake -- -- save their proposal is superior to Michael Dell's offer. Of course they'd say. While checking on shares in the premarket are up to over thirteen and a half. Okay time for some stocks to watch. Was already ruled the world but the sultans of Seattle have more stuff in the war chest including a 3-D phone. The Wall Street Journal says Amazon's been developing -- screen that just retrieving images that float off that screen just like a hologram. And you don't need special glasses for it in your -- Google. And yet this users may be able to navigate through it using just their eyes it's also working on audio only streaming device those products and these set top box they hit the market later this year. Were also keeping and I Leon Cooperman stock picks. Speaking and gathering of veggies he raved about mobile banking company monetize which trades in London. Feels like Qualcomm and AIG among others in fact AIG recently replaced apple as hedge fund industry's darling according to Goldman Sachs. Who remain addicted Apple's stocks in February replacing them with. We'll be on -- market US stock futures are pointing to a higher open today yes and 500 slipped from its finding record closing -- yesterday. After apple drag on ethnicity and the yen continued it's fall against the dollars on economics thinks again. And chairman Ben Bernanke's in Chicago today to talk about banks and not in London. Were other G-7 finance ministers are meeting to discuss all yen among other things. No -- you know the G-20. Now handles mostly economic heavy lifting those these days and they meet later this hour in Russia. Well YouTube is -- those little cat videos for now and starting a paint subscription service with thirty content creators. They get -- at their own subscription fees and accept ads at their discretion. So 4499. Months -- can -- get lessons and chipping and putting from the PGA golf academy. Who had spent more than 100 million bucks on this project in the media would be here says this could eventually threaten cable TV operators. Here's -- yet another all time high yesterday at eight -- That's your Friday morning call remember a follow us on Twitter Reuters Insider. Yet more great videos that it is. And I've read. It.

U.S. Morning Call: Dell plot thickens with new proposal

Friday, May 10, 2013 - 03:14

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